Windows 11 truncates the performance of some AMD processors

Windows 11 is experiencing some youthful issues. Microsoft’s newest OS appears to have compatibility issues with AMD Ryzen processors, causing noticeable slowdowns.

The beginnings of Windows 11 were not exactly smooth. After the discovery of a bug that affected in-game performance a few days ago, a new, even more annoying problem has arisen. Since the last system update, computers with AMD Ryzen processors have experienced significant slowdowns.

What happens with AMD CPU in Windows 11?

As explained by the TechPowerUp site which spotted the problem on October 13, 2021, these slowdowns are due to a double bug.

The first concerns the distribution of tasks between the different cores of the processor. AMD Ryzen processors normally allocate certain cores more or less powerful to certain tasks. But on Windows 11, this indexing doesn’t seem to work well, which can slow down some tasks that won’t always run on the best-optimized cores.

In some cases, slowdowns penalize game performance on Windows 11 // Source: Microsoft

The second, even more annoying, has to do with latency. The AMD Ryzen processor cache (which is the link between the instruction stored in RAM and its execution by the CPU) takes much longer to respond after the last update. In some cases, the latency has increased from 10 nanoseconds to over 30. It may sound laughable, but for a processor capable of performing millions of operations per second, such a delay can have a noticeable impact on performance. system. According to TechPowerUp, these cache issues can reduce in-game performance by 15%.

These issues have actually been known for a few days, but the latest version of Windows 11 has made the situation worse.

How to correct the problem?

It is not uncommon for such early bugs to complicate the life of a newly launched OS. We can all the same regret that, even after having imposed a strict list of “compatible processors” with Windows 11, such problems still appear.

In this misfortune, there is, however, a hint of hope. Since AMD and Microsoft have been aware of the bug since the official release of Windows 11, fixes should soon arrive. A post from AMD shared by a user on Reddit indicates that both bugs have been identified.

Regarding core distribution concerns, a pilot being finalized by the company should be available from October 21. As for cache issues, the next Windows update scheduled for October 19 will resolve the issue a priori. Both fixes will most likely be available directly through Windows Update.

If you have already switched your AMD computer to Windows 11, you will need to be patient for a short week. If you have not yet migrated, this mishap is a reminder that installing a brand new OS right after its release is not always a good idea.

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