Windows 11 turns your SSD into an HDD by severely limiting its speed

The launch of Windows 11 generated expectations, but it didn’t take us long to realize that this operating system was not only guilty of having a few too high requirementsbut it was also accompanied by the classic problems associated with the launch of bug-laden updates.

The list of problems that Windows 11 has suffered has been considerably long, especially considering that we are talking about an operating system that has not yet completed two years on the market, and some are especially serious. I remember, for example, the problem that affected the performance of Ryzen processors, and also another that reduced the write speed of SSD drives.

The latter is very curious, because has been active for a long timeIn fact, we already talked about it at the end of 2021, just shortly after the launch of Windows 11, and we told you that in theory it had been solved with an update released by Microsoft.

I say in theory because the problems have returned, and as we can see in the attached image they are very serious, so much so that they can make an SSD capable of reaching 3,500 MB/s in sequential write speed drop to 377 MB/slittle more than what we would have with a high performance HDD.

It is still not clear what is causing this drop in performance of some SSD drives that is affecting certain users, but we know that they all have one thing in common, that have updated to “Moments 2”. This is a clear indication that the key to the whole thing could be in some kind of error or failure caused by said update, although it is not certain.

On the other hand, some users have commented that they are having performance issues with their SSD drives that not only affect the sequential write speed, but also have also had a negative impact on game load times, app launch times, Windows startup time, and even on game framerates.

We don’t have a definitive solution yet, but it seems that back to March update KB5023778 has managed to help some of those affected. However, it is temporary and has not been effective in all cases. What can I say, I already talked about the issue of problematic updates last May and I told you precisely that this was one of the reasons why it was better to move from Windows 11 and continue with Windows 10.

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