Windows 11 usage quota on Steam drops for the first time

Valve has published the monthly survey of hardware and software used by customers of its platform. And there is a curiosity in operating systems, the fall in market share of Windows 11.

The decrease is not significant (from 21.23 to 21.12%), but it is new because it is the first since the launch of the system. Also, participation in Steam’s monthly surveys is optional, so there’s always a margin of error about reality.

Even so, it is found that Windows 11 does not fall in love despite Microsoft’s marketing. The system was built by mixing the base and latest features of Windows 10 and the development work done for Windows 10X. It offers familiar elements, supports much of the legacy of the huge Windows ecosystem and brought a breath of fresh air in visual aspects and user interface.

But essentially it remains the same and there are not a few analysts who consider it a Windows 10.5. Or a tuned Windows 10… In addition, the increase in the minimum hardware requirements and the chaotic management with changes of course in weeks from Microsoft itself has not helped. Not to mention bugs in updates and broken promises in features yet to come.

That said, the new Windows 11 22H2 version, the first major version since launch, is coming soon and includes expected news, including some related to games. We will see. Windows 11 has some ground left to go according to the system usage quota on steam:

  1. Windows 10 64-bit: 73.17% (+1.91 points)
  2. Windows 11: 21.12% (-0.11 points)
  3. Windows 7 64-bit: 2.04% (-0.97 points)
  4. macOS: 1.74% (-0.71 points)
  5. Linux: 1.23% (+0.05 points)

Other hardware and software highlights:

  • Systems with 16 GB of RAM are in the majority: 53%
  • Dominant CPUs have 6 cores: 33%
  • The most used graphics card is the GeForce GTX 1060
  • The FHD resolution sweeps the use of screens with 67%
  • More than 54% of computers have an internal storage capacity greater than 1 TB
  • Oculus Quest 2 is the most used VR device

More information and survey | Steam

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