Windows 11: very interesting news is coming

A few months have passed since the official arrival of Windows 11 and, although its deployment has not been completed (we expect it shortly), it is clear that Microsoft has already turned to the new version of its desktop operating system. And yes, it’s true that the Redmonds will still support Windows 10 for a few years, with updates and such. However, the big question now is whether these will be limited to improving system performance and correcting bugs or, on the contrary, will also come with new functions, as Windows 11 will undoubtedly do.

Whatever the future of Windows 10, what we do know is that on the horizon of Windows 11 you can already see some new features, some of them highly anticipated by users, and that according to Windows Central they are already quite close to the channel Windows Insider Devs. Specifically, the most notable are the ability to add application folders to the Start menu, as well as drag and drop to the taskbaralong with new gestures and other new features.

According to sources cited by that article, several new features and improvements will land on the Windows 11 Dev channel in a matter of weeksand among them are the ability to create application folders in the Start menu, support for dragging and dropping files on the taskbar, a new design for window title bars and new gestures on touch devices.

Something that I find very interesting is the method to create application folders in Start. And it is that here Windows 11 has learned from mobile device operating systems, so what you will have to do is click and drag the entry of one of the applications you want to group over another, and a folder containing both will automatically be generated. Much more practical and comfortable than having to create the folder and then add the applications, this seems to me to be an advance in usability.

Although nothing like the ability to drag and drop to the taskbar. This feature is part of my daily life and when I saw that it was not present in Windows 11, I was quite surprised. Fortunately, in Redmond they took note of that demand (not mine in particular, of course, there are many users who asked for it) and, consequently, it will soon be possible again drag files to open application icons on the taskbar to access their content.

For tablets and touch devices, new features are also announced, such as the automatic hiding of the taskbar and new touch gestures that will facilitate access to the Start menu and the Quick Settings panel, thus making gesture control more comfortable.

Although it is still early and there may be changes in these months, the forecast indicates that these developments, along with many others, will debut in Sun Valley 2, the first major update to Windows 11 which, in principle, we expect to arrive in the second half of this year, possibly between September and October. Thus, the insiders will be able to start enjoying this novelty soon, while the rest of the users will still have to wait a while.

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