Windows 11 will become faster and more stable thanks to an improved File Explorer

Microsoft wants to make Windows 11 faster by making its applications less dependent on each other. And it is the File Explorer that will benefit in the first place from this redesign.

Whether Windows 11 continues to be enriched with new features with updates, this tends to weigh down the operating system and its many applications. To improve the stability of the OS, Microsoft has decided to thoroughly review the operation of one of the most important components of Windows: File Explorer.

But how to boost the performance of this module so essential to Windows? By making Explorer less dependent on other applications, and vice versa. And the good news is that Microsoft has already begun this transition.

How File Explorer Will Boost Windows 11 Performance

Over the versions of the OS, Windows File Explorer has become much more powerful and ergonomic, sometimes to the detriment of a certain stability and speed of execution. Because File Explorer (explorer.exe) resource sharing with other Windows applications, and in particular with notification center or taskbar. When you perform many operations via File Explorer, it is the taskbar that sometimes freezes for no apparent reason. Worse: when File Explorer crashes, the desktop and most Windows components become unresponsive.

Most Windows functionality is therefore tied to running File Explorer. But since Windows 11 build 25252, Windows 11 developers isolated the component Immersive Shell other apps. Introduced with Windows 8 and the Charms Bar, this process is still present within Windows 10 and 11. It is associated with the executable ShellAppRuntime.exe, which itself is linked to File Explorer.Windows 11 Task Manager

As the Start Is All Back Twitter account points out, this component of Windows is no longer 100% tied to File Explorer. In short, ShellAppRuntime.exe now runs independentlywithout the need for the Explorer.exe executable.

If this novelty may seem innocuous, it is only the first touchstone of a profound overhaul of Windows 11 and its method of execution. Very soon, most of the functionalities of the Operating system will be launched in different processes and isolated from each other. As a result, they will no longer have to consider File Explorer. At last, this should increase the speed of execution of these applications, while reducing their blocking when one or the other crashes.

Install the latest build of Windows 11

The latest build of Windows 11 is already available on the Windows Insider Dev Channel. This is a beta test edition: it should therefore be used with all the necessary precautions. It is recommended to install it on a PC that you do not use every day, or on a secondary partition of your main PC.

Windows 11 Update

Note that the latest build has the number 25267. To recover it, you have the choice:

  • Either go through the application Settings of Windows 11. Simultaneously press the keys [Windows] + [I], in order to launch the application in question. Then go to Windows Updateand click Windows Insider Program. This is where you can join the program that will allow you to preview all the new features of Windows 11. Three distribution channels are available: make sure you select the Dev channel to take advantage of build 25267.
  • You also have the option of downloading the Windows 11 build 25267 ISO file, which Microsoft recently made available on its servers. Here too it will be necessary to first join the Windows Insider program, but this operation has the advantage of installing the build on a blank hard drive, and therefore of setting up the “cleanest” system possible.

Source : Start Is All Back / Twitter

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