Windows 11 will have a faster deployment, we see why

The arrival of Windows 11 ended up being a bit bumpy, especially due to the errors that considerably reduced the performance of the Ryzen processors, something that has already been corrected with the release of the corresponding patches, and also for other minor problems that, in the end, confirmed that said operating system still needed a small period of “maturation”.

The fact is that, despite everything, Windows 11 is in a position that Microsoft considers as good, and in this sense the Redmond company feels supported by the positive opinions and reviews that you are receiving said operating system, something that, in principle, has been enough for them to decide to accelerate the deployment of Windows 11. This is how Microsoft has commented:

“Today, based on the positive upgrade and deployment experience, and user feedback we have seen to date, we have decided speed up the pace of Windows 11 deployment beyond what was initially planned. This will make Windows 11 available on more compatible Windows 10-based computers. “

All of the above means that Windows 11 will begin to reach more computers, and that it will do so more quickly. Those for whom the update to said operating system through Windows Update is still not available, despite the fact that they have a computer that fully meets the minimum requirements, they should start to see the message that they can now download and install the new Windows directly through Windows Update.

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It is important that you bear in mind that, even if you have a compatible computer that meets all the requirements of Windows 11, this will not be a guarantee that you will not have any problems when installing said operating system. For this reason, I strongly recommend that, if you plan to update, make a backup beforehand, and that you remember that, if you do not like the experience, You have a period of 10 days to return to Windows 10 directly.

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