Windows 11 will improve the taskbar

The taskbar is one of the most important elements of the Windows 11 interfaceas well as its predecessors, with the notable exception of the never well understood Windows 8. In it we add the shortcuts to the applications that we use most frequently, we use it to review at a glance what programs we have open at all times and, except that Let’s be more fond of using Windows keyboard shortcuts, we use it constantly to switch from one application to another.

With Windows 11 freshly installed, only the predefined applications for it will be shown pinned, but over time we will most likely end up adding a few more. Something that, if combined with working with many programs open at the same time, causes that all the icons that should be displayed in it do not fit. In those cases, when the content overflows, Windows 11 will show us the anchored ones, the last employee and, of the others, those that fit. The rest will not be accessible from the taskbar.

This, however, could change soon, as we can read in The Verge. And again we are talking about a small change, a solution so simple that it is surprising that it had not been thought of before, but which brings a huge improvement to the user experience of the operating system. And it is that Microsoft is testing on Windows 11 an icon that would be displayed on the taskbar that would give us access to those non-visible applications due to bar overflow.

This new item has been featured in the most recent Dev channel build of the Windows Insiders program, which tells us that it is not yet certain that it will end up making the leap to the stable version of the operating system and even, if it does, that it could still take a long time to do so. At a minimum, we would have to wait for the first update of next year, since Windows 11 22H2 is already closed, in terms of adding new functions, despite the fact that we still have to wait for the summer to pass (or at least a good part of the himself) to be released.

Precisely Windows 11 22H2 will bring a long-awaited improvement in the taskbar, something that was already present in previous versions of Windows and that, surprisingly, disappeared in Windows 11. I am referring, of course, to the possibility of dragging files to the icons of the bar to open them in the chosen applicationa function that, at least in my case, I use so regularly that, until it arrives, it will make me not even consider the jump to Windows 11.

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