Windows 11 will make it easier (again) to choose the default browser

With its pluses and minuses, Windows 11 seems like a good operating system. And, with its pluses and minuses, I think the improvement experienced by Microsoft Edge with the jump to Chromium is spectacular. I have already commented on it on previous occasions and I have no qualms about doing it again: At Microsoft they have hit the nail on the head and, since they decided to join the majority engine, and also contribute to its development, those from Redmond can feel very proud, because today your browser is more and better remarkable than ever.

I say this because, as you will remember, a few months ago we told you about a couple of measures taken by the company, and that made it difficult to modify the default browser for various types of protocols in Windows 11. First, in November of last year, it was blocked the operation of EdgeDeflector, and less than a month later, it broke down the choice of the default browser protocol by protocol, making the assignment much more tediousand also more complicated for users with a less technical level.

I understand, of course, that Microsoft wants to see Edge grow in the ranking of browser use. However, it is not only that I believe that they do not need to act in this regard, but that it seems counterproductive to me. And it is that these types of measures, as we have seen in the past, usually provoke a quite angry (and totally understandable) reaction on the part of users. A reaction that, in addition, translates into a doubly macula, since it affects both Microsoft Edge and Windows 11.

The good news is that, as we can read in Windows Latest, in Redmond they have given good acknowledgment to the criticism for this action and, consequently, Windows 11 will make it easier again, using the “old” method, to change the default browser. This change can already be found not only in preview versions of Windows 11, but also in optional updates for the production version, such as KB5011563, which Microsoft began rolling out today.

In his justification for the December change, Microsoft argued that what it wanted was to offer much more granular control of the default application settings in Windows 11. And, from that perspective, it does not sound like a bad idea. However, and to think about it, they should have considered that we are talking about web browsers, precisely web browsers, a field that has already cost them enough trouble in the past, and that complicates the choice of the default web browser in Windows 11 or it would go unnoticed or be willingly accepted by many users.

And if it was a movement to grow the adoption of Edge in Windows 11… well, what I said at the beginning, I find it unnecessary and counterproductive. Because, I repeat, Microsoft Edge is an excellent browser, which does not need tricks to win over users. And as more users arrive organically, the more their numbers will grow naturally. It’s just a matter of time.

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