Windows 11 will soon natively control the RGB lighting of your gaming accessories

Windows 11 could soon allow users to natively adjust their gaming accessories equipped with RGB LEDs without going through manufacturer software. A native function that would make it possible to dispense with sometimes unnecessarily complicated applications.

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Credits: Microsoft

Many PC accessories dedicated to video games embed RGB LEDs: keyboards, mice, headphones… A gimmick popular with many manufacturers and which allows users to fully customize their setup. Soon it will be possible to adjust this aspect natively via Windows 11.

The famous twittos Albacore has indeed spotted something interesting in Windows 11 build 25295 dedicated to Insiders: a new menu for gaming accessories. It allows to manage the luminosity, the color or the animations on the keyboards or the mice. Even more, it would be possible to associate the colors of the LEDs with the theme installed on Windows 11. Nice. Note that references to this feature aren’t new, but this is the first time we’ve seen it in action.

Windows 11 could bypass manufacturers’ software

At the moment, Microsoft has announced absolutely nothing, but the appearance of this feature suggests an upcoming officialization. The Redmond firm has a habit of testing this kind of novelty in its betas dedicated to Insiders, without them necessarily being included in Windows 11 at the end.

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This feature may bypass third-party applications. When you buy a gamer product that embeds LEDs, it is already possible to customize them via the dedicated software. Razer to its Synapse, Logitech to its G-HUB and Corsair to its iCue. Applications that work, but which are not necessarily pleasant to use and which are sometimes complicated. Natively adjust the LEDs via Windows 11 should make life easier for many people.

It remains to be seen when this feature will be released, if it will ever be released. For the moment, it’s not even activated yet. Maybe we’ll see it in the big October update? In any case, Windows 11 wants to continue to focus on customization with, for example, the appearance of Widgets from third-party developers. We will obviously follow the file very closely.

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