Windows 11 will soon receive these 7 great news

Windows 11 is an operating system that is constantly evolving. Microsoft is always developing new functions and features, which can be more or less useful, with which to improve the user experience of users. Late last year, the company released its 22H2 update, the first feature update to the OS since its release. And while the next one is slated for late 2023, Windows 11 has yet to receive several improvements via what’s known as the “Moment Update.”

time update is the code name that Microsoft uses to ship new functions and features to version 22H2 of the operating system. These updates are a kind of small version Service Pack, thanks to which the system receives more functions that were intended for this specific version but, for various reasons, could not arrive on time.

Next month, Microsoft plans to release what will be Moment 2, the second feature update of 22H2. And this new version will come with several very interesting new features and improvements to the operating system. Let’s see them below.

What’s new in the new version of Windows 11: Moment 2

The first thing that we are going to find are several changes around the taskbar. The first one, which was very obvious but didn’t arrive on time, is a floating taskbar, with rounded corners, in true macOS style. In this way we can affirm that, definitely, the taskbar becomes an application dock, something that many users have been asking for for a long time. Another novelty, also related to the taskbar, is a new mode optimized for tabletsbeing able to choose between a collapsed bar, where we will only see the critical icons, or an expanded mode that can be used better with fingers.

Another novelty that we are going to find is the arrival of animated icons to the Settings menu. Each icon will have its own animation, such as a twirl in the case of Windows Update, or a tick fill in the case of wireless.

Windows 11 apps are also repaired to receive changes and news. The first of them is the arrival of tabs to Notepad. These tabs will allow us to work with several sheets at the same time. Also comes a native screen recorder to Windows 11, within the Snipping tool, to be able to choose between taking screenshots or recording it directly to video.

The new Dark Mode switch It is also another of the most anticipated improvements of this operating system. Starting with Moment 2, it will no longer be necessary to open the Settings window to switch between light and dark system mode. Now we will have a button, inside the quick access bar, from which we can activate or deactivate this mode.

Change Dark Mode Windows 11 Moment 2

And, finally, we will also find several Task manager improvements. The most notable is a search bar from which we can search for any process by its name, developer, or PID. In this way we can always have the processes and services at hand.

How to update

To get Moment 2 up and running, all we need to do is make sure we’ve already updated to Windows 11 22H2. Once done, all we have to do is wait, as the update will automatically reach all users as soon as it’s ready. available, enabling all the news that we have talked about, and many others.

Moment 2 is not a release as such, so it doesn’t change support times.

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