Windows 11: Your Phone app becomes Microsoft Mobile Connected

The Your Phone application, which notably allows you to connect your Android smartphone with your Windows PC, has had a facelift and becomes Microsoft Mobile connected. On the program, a brand new interface and a much simpler and faster device on Windows 11.

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Credits: Microsoft

More than three years ago, Microsoft launched Your Phone, a native tool on Windows 10 that allows you to, among other things, link your Android smartphone to your Windows PC. Thanks to this feature, users were therefore able to consult their text messages, photos and images, or even access notifications from their favorite apps directly on their computer screen, without having to take their phone out of their pocket. .

Year after year, the Your Phone application has received many improvements, such as the possibility of extracting text from a photo saved in your smartphone, of replying to messages from the center of Windows notifications or of synchronizing several android smart phones. Latest novelty, the ability to remotely configure your smartphone such as activating or not Bluetooth or volume control.

Your Phone becomes Microsoft Mobile Connected

However, on this Friday, April 1, 2022, Microsoft formalizes the end of career of the Your Phone app. Don’t worry though, the app is just getting a makeover. now called Microsoft Mobile Connected or Phone Link in the United States, the American company decided for the occasion to completely review the interface of its tool.

From the left column, users can, for example, easily access notifications sent to their smartphone. The new tab navigation also allows you to quickly enjoy all important features, files and content of the phone. Finally, Microsoft announces that pairing with Windows 11 will be much faster, by simply scanning a QR Code during initial setup with your new PC.

As the Redmond company explains, it saw the launch of Windows as an opportunity to “refresh app design” and of “update our controls, color palette, and overall app look and feel to provide a native experience on the new Windows 11″ system. It is true that we find the characteristic elements of the design of the Microsoft OS, with these rounded corners in particular. This new version is available now on the Microsoft Store, via a new update. On Android, you will need to install the Link with Windows app to take advantage of it.

Source: Microsoft

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