Windows 12 Concept is everything Windows 11 should have been

Windows 12 Concept is the new creation of Addy Visuals, a prolific designer who has focused his creative skills on re-imagining what Microsoft operating systems would be like and who has given us marvels like Windows 7 2022 Edition in the past.

You know how the computer desktop works at the systems level. Microsoft continues to dominate with Windows, though its share has dropped a few percentage points in recent years at the hands of Apple’s macOS and Chrome OS. By versions, Windows 10 is the king of the desktop and the Redmond firm has not been able to create a convincing relay with Windows 11. Knowing this, it has established a new development engineering program and this is where Windows 12 comes in.

Windows 12 concept

Officially we know very little about the next Windows, except for some initial outlines shown last October at the Ignite conference. Surely if the launch takes place, as rumored for October 2024, the guys at Microsoft must already have it quite advanced. External designers want to do their part and give their particular vision. The latest from Addy Visuals is very successful as you will see.

Windows 12 concept

In the highlights we can cite a Start Menu completely new and a dynamic taskbar, which provides important information at a glance. The taskbar can be customized in many ways, unlike in Windows 11, and you can choose from Solid, Classic, or Compact. Applications can also be grouped on the taskbar. One of the new features envisioned by this designer is Application Groups, a novel way to organize the desktop.

There is new Widgets and they can be anchored. There’s also a Smart Dock that allows you to multitask quickly. He File Browser It has also been redesigned and looks fantastic. It includes an area where you can drag and drop files for easy access later. An intelligent dynamic dark mode could not be missing.

As we always say about these concepts, a video has little to do with a computer program and its complications. Maximum in an operating system. In any case, this Windows 12 Concept is very cool; Microsoft has where to draw inspiration.

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