Windows 365 is here, and this is its price: is it worth buying a PC?

How much do I have to pay for Windows 365?

This new Windows as a service works in a similar way to servers that we can rent on the Internet. That is, we will pay more or less depending on the power we want. The most basic modalities will allow us to make use of office automation programs (in the cloud, yes) and a very very simple use of the PC. On the other hand, the most powerful ones are designed for software developers, content creators, and much more. Between these two modalities we can have another 10 different configurations.

So how much does it cost? Microsoft has finally revealed the official prices of your Windows 365. The most basic modality, which is of little use to us, has a cost of $ 24 a month. And the most expensive, the most powerful, $ 162 a month. Of course, prices that are not available to everyone.

Taking into account that a basic computer (more powerful than the simplest version of this Windows 365) has a cost of 300 euros, in just over a year we will have amortized the investment of the laptop. And the same happens with the most expensive mode if we take into account that a gaming PC can be around 1500-2000 euros; Likewise, in just over a year and a half we will already be saving. Even if we have to buy the Windows license, it is still much cheaper.

We remember that, as Windows as a service, Windows 365 payment is indefinite. That is, we will always have to pay for it when we want to use it, but the moment we stop paying we will lose access to it, and all the money we have paid over time will be nothing.

If you want to give it a try, you can do it from this link. And, as reported by some users who have been able to test it, the virtual pc boot It takes a long time and, once it starts, it allows us to connect through Remote Desktop from any device. And its operation is according to the power that we have contracted.

Two editions of Windows 365

Microsoft offers users two different editions of Windows 365. On the one hand, we have the «Business«, The simplest. This allows us to control it with one click, use a configuration without domain and solve problems automatically by restarting the server. It also has Cloud Save, to optimize Azure storage in favor of OneDrive.

And the second edition is Windows 365 Enterprise. This is the most complete, designed for the most demanding clients. The only feature it shares with Business is Cloud Save, also adding self-served updates, integration with universal printing systems, integration with APIs, custom images, Microsoft Endpoint Manager, reports and endpoint monitoring, health analysis and access to the Advanced Microsoft Endpoint Manager.

As we see, Microsoft does not offer us a Home edition or a Pro edition. It is clear that Windows 365 is not an operating system that we should use in our day to day at home, but it is designed for companies, both large and small. Its price is not exactly cheap, but it saves infrastructure and maintenance costs. He will be successful? Time will tell.

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