Windows 7 support could be extended for three more years, until 2026

More than two and a half years ago, with few exceptions, Microsoft withdrew support for Windows 7. But those of Redmond they might be reconsideringaccording to information that has just come out and that would extend the useful life of the operating system up to three more years.

recapitulating, Windows 7 said goodbye to everyone in early 2020… Or not all of them, rather. Microsoft extended system support for three years, but only for professional users. This extension, therefore, should conclude at the beginning of next year. In January 2023, to be more exact.

However, they have hunted around some changes in the code of the monthly updates of windows 7 esu (by Extended Security Update, since it only receives security patches) that would confirm the aforementioned extension until January 7, 2026. All conditional, since the company has yet to announce it.

Despite this, two of the july updates for Windows 7 ESU contain, on the one hand, an express indication of the extension of the support in the license, on the other, a maintenance guarantee until the last indicated date, is sufficient proof, or should be, that it is not a rumor or unsubstantiated assumption.

However, it is Microsoft that has to confirm this point as appropriate. Meanwhile, on the Windows support information page, the latest date to definitively dismiss Windows 7 remains January 10, 2023.

It goes without saying that the extension of support for Windows 7 for three more years will aimed at the professional sector, but many home users take advantage of it and keep their system up to date through “alternative” methods. User who could continue to benefit from it, of course.

According to estimates from market statistics firms like Statcounter, Windows 7 would currently retain around 12% market share and that is many millions of people, regardless of whether the percentage of home users included therein is more or less considerable.

Now, things as they are: the agony lasts more or less, Windows 7 is retired… and it has replacements. Not one, but two: Windows 10, in principle with support until 2025, thus the recommended option for those seeking greater stability; and Windows 11, even though Microsoft isn’t making it easy for the masses to upgrade.

In case you’re wondering, Microsoft isn’t considering doing anything like that with Windows 8.1.

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