Windows 8.1 birthday, Halloween offers at Epic, and other news

At this point, it goes without saying that a PC’s operating system is perhaps the most important piece of software it has. Not in vain is it the first one that is loaded when we turn on our computer, we are already talking about a Linux distribution, Microsoft Windows, or any other.

If we focus on desktops, for many years the undisputed leader has been the software giant’s Windows system. It is true that we can find different versions and editions of this software on computers around the world. However, its developer firm tries to convince all its customers to install and update Windows constantly. While most already have Windows 10In turn, Windows 11 has just seen the light of day, and other quite earlier versions are still running.

Despite not being one of the most beloved throughout history, Windows 8.1 is still a fairly popular version of the operating system. Although it is far from the majority, there are still many computers running with this version.

Windows 8.1 just turned eight

We tell you all this because just a few hours ago this specific operating system was 8 years old since its official launch. In fact, we could say that this release was made in order to improve on the unsuccessful version 8 of the system. Hence, 8.1 was sent to users as a free update for those who work with Windows 8.

However, despite all the efforts of the firm, many users continued to use one of the most beloved versions, 7, before finally migrating to Windows 10. precisely for this reason and with the passage of time the version of the operating system who has just turned eight years old will not go down in history as something especially loved or longed for.

Take advantage of the Halloween offers from the Epic Store

We entered a very special week for years in USA, something that has spread to much of the world. Specifically we refer to the celebration of Halloween, dates in which terror and scares predominate in all kinds of areas. In addition, a multitude of companies, both technological and from other sectors, take advantage of these dates to launch offers.

This is precisely the case that we want to talk about next, since one of the large PC game stores, the Epic Games Store, is a clear example. In this way, in these lines, we are going to talk about some of the most interesting offers corresponding to the Halloween celebration that it presents to us right now. Epic. These just appeared a few minutes ago so game lovers can now take advantage of them.

epic deals

Spectacular Halo 5 Animation Designed Before Launch

For many users who love Halo game saga, the fifth installment is the best of all. This is for a multitude of reasons, such as history or graphics comprising. It is true that at the time the work that was carried out with this title was quite demanding. Proof of all this we see with this animation that has been published recently in which we can see the appearance, movements and behavior of one of the characters that would face the Master Chief.

Although it is only as a curiosity, we can take a look at this animation that we are commenting on to give us an idea of ​​the development of the game.

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