Windows antivirus protects you better from this dreaded threat

It is becoming more and more common to find hidden threats anywhere on the Internet, even on websites that appear to be trustworthy. For this reason, a good antivirus is the most important thing if we do not want to end up falling into the clutches of hackers. One of the best security programs that we can find today is Windows Defender, the antivirus that comes installed by default in Windows 10 and Windows 11. In addition to obtaining perfect marks in security tests, Microsoft is constantly improving its security. . And, as of today, it is capable of protecting us much better from the worst threat that we can find: the ransomware.

A few hours ago, Microsoft released a new Windows 11 update for Insider users signed up for the beta channel. This new update is part of what, in a few months, will be the expected 2022 update of the operating system.

This new beta has not been one of the largest we have seen, and has been very focused on solving various errors detected by the operating system. But what has caught our attention is that Microsoft has marked, as a novelty, internal changes in Windows Defender for protect users from ransomware and other types of advanced attacks.

We do not know exactly what the changes are and how they help us prevent malware, or hackers, from wreaking havoc on our computer. From Microsoft they have not provided more technical information about it, so to know more details we will have to wait.

Of course, we must bear in mind that this change is available, for now, only for Microsoft Defender for Endpoint, the version of the antivirus for companies with which to be able to centralize security on a computer, in addition to being able to protect Android and iOS devices within companies. We do not know if, after verifying that everything works correctly, this new layer of protection will reach the standard version of Windows Defender.

Other improvements and new features of the beta

In addition to the improved protection of Windows Defender, Microsoft has taken the opportunity to improve other aspects of its operating system. For example, improved storage on very slow networks, as well as enabling file compression via SMB by default. Error 0x80070026 when copying files to network drives has also been fixed.

Finally, Microsoft has also updated the Windows Subsystem for Android. This subsystem allows us to virtualize Android on top of Windows and run applications and games just as if we were using them on the mobile. The new version (2206.40000.15.0) improves the compatibility with games and apps, as well as the reliability and stability of the program. It also supports controllers (using WSAD mapping) and improves VPN usage.

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