Windows breaks because of AMD, is it true or an exaggeration?

In the middle of last month, many of the Radeon graphics card users encountered a rather serious problem, suddenly the operating system stopped working after installing the latest version of its graphics drivers. BeWindows crashed because of an AMD driver or is it more of a malicious exaggeration to affect the sale of their GPUs?

One of the problems that AMD has always had has been the FUD against it, which means that errors that other companies also have are taken into account ten times more when they occur than with the competition. For example, years ago the hoax appeared that their processors overheated and that made many users opt for Intel, even choosing worse and more expensive options. Another of the myths is the issue of the drivers for its graphics cards, those of NVIDIA are not perfect, but it has been achieved that on this issue and despite recent improvements, the company today led by Lisa Su is more affected by any setback . Now, the key question is: are we facing a case like this?

Is it true that an AMD driver breaks Windows?

First of all we have to put ourselves in context, it turns out that the Adrenalin 23.2.1 driver ends up causing the following problem: “Inaccessible Boot Drive” as a side effect. Which means that AMD’s driver breaks Windows since it misconfigures the BIOS and the operating system itself in the process. The most direct consequence? Users having to reinstall Windows from scratch and with an older graphics driver.

And what does AMD itself say about its driver problems with the Redmond operating system? Well, for the moment they have recognized the problem and affirm that it affects very few users and that it is difficult to reproduce. What makes us look in disbelief from here. We understand that they want to safeguard their image, but they would give their users more peace of mind if instead of throwing balls out they said in what situation it occurs, as long as their users were much calmer.

However, they have given a small, but not definitive solution, which consists of unchecking the “Factory Reset” box that uninstalls previous versions of AMD drivers. We recommend using DDU as an application to get rid of leftover AMD drivers in Windows that are old and may conflict with the current ones.

Driver AMD Factory Reset

The situation has been exaggerated.

The reality is that if the driver problem were what is said and affected many people, the controversy would have reached the skies and it seems that it is rather being exaggerated to stratospheric levels. Although again we have a new communication problem from AMD with this driver. In other words, an almost non-existent problem, which affects a tiny and totally marginal percentage of users, which turns into a huge snowball overnight.

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