Windows Defender is one of the best antivirus

The German firm AV-TEST has published the results of its latest tests with different antivirus solutions, and in them has concluded that Windows Defender, also known as Microsoft Defender, is one of the best products that currently exist, since thanks to its high degree of protection it is a complete and very capable security solution.

As on previous occasions, AV-TEST has focused its tests on three different categories: protection, which measures the ability of each antivirus to stop attacks and keep the computer safe, performance, which measures the impact that each security solution has on system performance, and ease of use, which in summary indicates whether the interface that each solution has is affordable and intuitive.

The results that Windows Defender has achieved are perfect, that is, it reached the maximum score in all three categories. AV-TEST It does not score from 0 to 10, but from 0 to 6So by getting a six in each of those categories, we can say that you achieved a perfect result.

I find it very interesting, and very positive, to see that Windows Defender has managed to surpass even well-known payment solutions, and that it has become a complete antivirus full of possibilities that can protect, on its own, any Windows 10 or Windows 11-based computer. It is no longer essential to have a third-party antivirus, although in certain cases it may still be recommended, everything will depend on the needs of each user.

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I remember that, at the beginning, Windows Defender not only did not achieve good results in this type of tests, but it also reached such a poor level that its usefulness was practically reduced to zero. With this in mind, Microsoft’s good work is commendable, since the Redmond company has managed to improve this security solution so much that, today, it has nothing to envy to a paid antivirus.

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