Windows Defender Pro? These are the functions it should include

Over the years, after the arrival of the internet and practically all of us have a PC, the use of antivirus it has become more important than ever. To all this we must add that we are increasingly working with personal and sensitive data that we do not want to fall into other hands.

Aware of all this the attackers and malicious code developers They use new techniques to try to access all this and therefore violate the privacy of our PC. One of the best measures we can take to avoid problems is the aforementioned antivirus. It is not necessary to explain at this point that these security programs protect us against most of the potential attacks that we may suffer on our computer. Hence precisely that they should not be lacking in most cases.

Keep in mind that the operating system leader in desktop computers, Windows from Microsoft, has its own software of this type. In this way, every time we install the system from scratch on a PC, it already includes Windows Defender by default. But we do not have to use this solution in a mandatory way here, since we can also install any other third-party antivirus.

However, the aforementioned Microsoft’s Windows Defender has improved significantly over time. In fact, at the moment it could be considered one of the most interesting security solutions on the market. To all this, we can add that we will have it for free together with the operating system license.

Windows Defender Pro must-have features

In parallel, on some occasions it has been said that Microsoft could launch a Pro version of your antivirus. It is evident that it would be paid for those users or companies that would like to enjoy its added advantages. And there are several features that we find in other third-party security solutions that perhaps should be added to a possible paid version of Microsoft’s antivirus.

Precisely below we are going to talk about some of these characteristics for which many of the usual Windows Defender would be willing to pay. For example, it would not hurt Redmond antivirus to offer us its own password manager for use in the operating system. It would work in a similar way to how web browsers do, from where we could safely save and manage all our access codes.

Windows Defender perform full scan

In turn, it is more than likely that many users would appreciate having a powerful VPN in order to further control your connections and power increase your privacy. These are elements that we find in many antivirus products developed by other companies and that are very useful. On the other hand, a function that would also be interesting to find in Windows Defender Pro, would be the one focused on protecting ourselves against identity theft.

Finally, we would also say that everything related to the Parental control it should be extended to the entire operating system. This is a feature currently included in Windows, but it is basically limited to your internet browser, Edge.

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