Windows File Explorer is old and annoying – try these 3 alternatives

Among the many elements that could be considered fundamental in the Microsoft system, Windows, the File Browser It is one of them. However, for many it is a part that needs a major update from its developers. But we can always use other external alternatives that will surely cover our needs.

Despite all the programs we install on Windows, there are certain applications and tools that are part of the operating system and have been with us for many years. Here we can refer to Control Panel, Device Manager or File Explorer. Well, as I’m sure most of you already know first-hand, this last element is responsible for offering us all the functions to work with our files. This is something very important to be able to manage the content we have in the most efficient way. stored on the computer.

But as we mentioned before, this is a section that in these times has become a bit outdated. Good proof of all this are the third-party alternatives that we can install on the computer and that are much more functional. In fact, many users have been asking Microsoft for a long time for an important update of this tool for the files that we have saved in our pc. Therefore, if you are tired of the current File Explorer of the latest versions of Windows, we recommend you try these other proposals.

Multi Commander

This is one of the best known and used alternatives to the usual Windows File Explorer for years. We have the possibility of using both the installable version and the portable version to work in a much more effective way with our files. One of the greatest attractions that this program offers us is the possibility of working with tabs from a single window, which greatly speeds up the treatment with these elements.

In its main interface we find a multitude of shortcuts to certain useful functions in this type of applications. In addition, we will have the possibility of directly accessing the Windows registry or massively renaming files in batches.

Total Commander

Here we find another very interesting alternative to the Windows tool that also has many years behind it and has not stopped improving. One of its main features is that it presents us with a very intuitive and easy-to-use user interface. In addition, it has some additional functions that we do not normally find in the Windows native explorer, which allows us to speed up certain processes with our files. At the same time, it is worth noting that we have a version for mobile devices based on Android.

File Voyager

In the event that we seek to be able to use multiple panels and tabs When it comes to managing our content in Windows, this is the perfect option. In this case, we will have at our fingertips a powerful file explorer that tries to save us time and effort when working with these files. contents. It has a fully customizable interface in which we can create our own panels and open tabs to access multiple disk locations simultaneously. At the same time, it also offers us some interesting additional functions that will surely be very useful to us.

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