Windows has a new and annoying bug that makes you lose hours: avoid it like this

We can’t say that Windows be a perfect operating system, far from it, all this despite the efforts that Microsoft itself makes to avoid failures. We tell you all this because at this time a new and important error has just been detected that can make us lose hours as we find it.

We must bear in mind that we are working with a greater number of files, and also larger ones, in our Windows-based computers. These are copied, deleted and moved both locally and through other remote computers. Therefore, all the problems related to these contents that we are talking about can become quite serious. This is precisely the case that concerns us now and that we are going to explain to you.

In the same way and if necessary, we will show you the easiest way to avoid this error that could make us lose too much time. At first we will tell you that this is extended to both home users and professionals who have the operating system installed on their computer. Specifically, this is an error that focuses on the great update that Windows 11 has just received, the 22H2. Of course, the first thing we should know about this bug is that at the moment it has not yet been added to the problem list company acquaintances. However, it has been confirmed, so everything indicates that Microsoft is working to solve it.

To give us an idea, we will tell you that many users have experienced a drastic PC performance drops when copying large files.

Solve the serious error with the files in Windows

This is something that becomes especially effective when the copying task is carried out on Windows 11 between computers remotely. Depending on the size of the content, this is something that can take us several hours, which would normally take a few minutes. In fact, at this point the company has already confirmed that this can happen in large file transfers, specifically several gigabytes.

Being a bit more precise, affected systems experience around a 40% drop in performance using the SMB-protocol on Windows 11 version 22H2. Initially SMB is mentioned, although the problem cannot be attributed to the protocol itself. Furthermore, this is known to affect other file transfers, including local ones. Waiting for Microsoft itself to provide us with a definitive solution in the form of an update or patch, we are going to see a temporary one that we can carry out.

windows 11 explorer

If we notice that the copy of a large file is going to take several hours or much longer than initially expected, let’s look at this temporary solution. To do this, it is advisable to access a window of the command prompt or CMD to perform the command-based copy. Specifically, it is recommended to execute these copy operations using the Robocopy or Xcopy commands with the /J parameter. In this way we should be able to avoid the problem of the decrease in Windows performance.

An example of the structure that this should have command to copy the files in question is as follows:


And that’s not all, since we also have the possibility of using other third-party applications to copy the files if we see each other affected by the failure.

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