Windows problems? Ask Microsoft technical support for help

There are occasions where we can find different errors that appear while we use our Windows 10 computer. In some cases, these errors can be easy to solve, but in other cases we will need the help of an expert who can guide us step by step to be able to fix it. For this, Microsoft has different means by which to contact its technical support to help us.

What problems can technical support fix?

When we encounter any problem when using our Windows PC, we can turn to Microsoft technical support to help us solve it. With the help of the technical team we will be able to identify and solve most of the problems that we may encounter when using the operating system.

Among the problems that can help us solve, we can find those that are related to the Windows activation. It may happen that we have bought a Windows 10 license and we do not know how to install or activate it. For this, it will only be necessary to have the ID of the original product so that technical support can provide us with help and solution to any problem that we find.

Likewise, technical support can also help us in the event of errors. The best known are the so-called Bugs, programming errors within an application that can be caused by excessive consumption of resources or prolonged stops that do not allow a program to open. Sometimes these errors can end up causing the dreaded blue screens that force us to restart the computer without the possibility of saving the work we are doing.

In addition, technical support can also help us with compatibility issues that we meet. It is likely that, if we have old programs or peripherals, they may have compatibility problems with Windows 10 because they have become obsolete. It may also happen that we have bought a new one and we have not realized that it may not be compatible with our operating system. For this we can from the technical support they can help us, since it may be possible to solve it by making some configuration adjustment in the system.

Use Windows to get help

Before contacting an agent through Microsoft support, we can use Microsoft’s online help assistant or the Windows 10 Get Help application to try to fix our problem.

Online with Microsoft’s help assistant

From our web browser we can access the online help assistant by clicking on this link.

Now, we must enter the error that we have found in the Search Help bar. Next, it will take us to another page where the results that match our search will appear. Here we can choose the one that best suits our problem and we will access another page where it will indicate step by step the possible solutions that we can carry out.

Microsoft support page

Use the Windows 10 Get Help app

We can also use Windows 10’s own wizard to get help in case of any problem. To do this we must write get help in the search box located next to the Start menu. Later we will select the Get help application to run it.

When we open the application, a search bar appears where we must enter the problem that we have encountered. We will also find a direct access to the solutions for the most common problems. We just have to write our problem and press Enter. Next, the program will show us the steps we must follow in order to solve it.

Get help Windows 10

Ways to contact technical support

When it comes to contacting Microsoft technical support, those in Redmond offer us several ways, either by phone, chat, email or through their social media profiles.

Contact by phone

If we want to speak directly with an agent we can directly use the phone number enabled for technical support. As is usual, we will have to be patient since we will have to endure a short waiting time before being treated.

The phone number that we can use to contact technical support is the 917 547 010. It is a phone call to Madrid, so the cost will vary depending on our rate.

Use chat to speak with an agent

Another very convenient way that we have to connect with the technical service is to use their chat service, although its access is not as easy as one would expect. To do this, the first thing we must do is use our web browser to access your contact page by clicking here. Next, click on «Get technical support».

Microsoft get technical support

This will take us to another page where we must indicate in the search bar what our problem is and click on the “Get help” button. This will bring up the most common solutions to our problem. In case it does not help us, at the bottom we find the section “Do you need more help?” Here we select “Windows”, choose the category and click on “Confirm”.

Mkicrosoft needs more help

Next, we will see different ways to contact technical support. To talk via chat, we select the first option: “Chat with technical support agent”.

Chat with technical support agent

This will cause a new window to appear, where we must wait a short time waiting in line, until there is an agent available to whom we can raise our problem.

Microsoft Support Chat

Contact by email

We can also contact Microsoft by email to resolve any questions or problems we have. Of course, we must take into account that a slower method, so it is good to resort to it if we are not in a hurry. We just have to make sure we describe our problem in detail with all the necessary data and even screenshots. Along with this, we must not forget to include the product number and a contact method so that they can contact us in the way we want.

The email address to contact Microsoft is:

Throught social media

In the era of social networks, its use could not be missed to be able to contact Microsoft directly and present any questions or problems we may have. It is a really convenient method, although, like email, it is not the fastest method.

Microsoft has an active account on both Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, so we can contact them directly from any of these platforms where we are registered.

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