Windows subsystem for Android already appears in the Microsoft Store

This could be considered as one of the great projects in which the Redmond firm is embarking at the moment. We have been able to see a good part of the functional and appearance novelties in recent weeks. All this to a large extent to the previous versions and that are being tested by the insiders of the firm. In this way we now know a good part of the details that will come from the hand of Windows 11, where aesthetics have been specially taken care of.

Important deficiency with which the new system will arrive

Likewise, we already know that its official presentation and launch to the whole world will take place on October 5. Therefore, we are less than a month away from being able to enjoy and everything that this system is going to present to us. Of course, as long as our team meets the demanding minimum requirements that the software giant has not set in this case. In fact, this is one of the major conflicts that the company is currently encountering from users.

And it is that some of the most modern processors according to those of Redmond do not have support to run Windows 11. In addition, those who install the operating system without meeting these requirements, initially will not be able to receive updates. As you can imagine, this is something that most users have not liked, plus those who know that they have more than enough resources to run Windows 11, and the company does not allow it.

But that is not the only disappointment that Windows 11 initially brings. In addition, some users are seeing that certain elements, such as the System Taskbar, are losing functionality. To all this, we must add the disappointment of knowing that the Windows Subsystem to run Android applications will not arrive.

The Windows Subsystem for Android is still running

This is something that Microsoft itself announced with the launch date of the new system, which was a great disappointment for many users. However, something that we must be very clear about is that, despite all this, this is a functionality that has not been abandoned. This is something that we can now know thanks to a leak published by the popular Twitter user WalkingCat.

In the capture that he has made public we can see the appearance of the Windows Subsystem for Android in the official Windows Store itself, the Microsoft Store. That does not mean that the functionality is already available at the moment, but it does mean that the firm continues to work on the development of all this. In fact and from what we know for a few days they are already sending the first versions of the second batch of Windows 11, that is, the one that would arrive in autumn 2022. Therefore, it is at that time that I can expect it. download Android applications directly to our Windows 11 computer.

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