Windows Terminal Preview 1.10 is here and these are its news

Microsoft has announced the launch of Windows Terminal Preview 1.10 with all the news that will soon reach a stable version with its new version 1.9. This new version has a good number of useful improvements, among which we can find compatibility with bold text, Quake mode in the taskbar or easier access to the command palette, among others, being limited for the moment to the preliminary version.

It is expected that Windows terminal 1.9 I ended up including all the features of the Preview 1.10 edition except for the ability to set the tool as the default terminal or the ability to edit actions from the Settings user interface.

Highlights of Windows Terminal Preview 1.10

The Preview 1.10 version of Windows terminal comes loaded with a good number of new features that will surely be of interest to its users. In this new version the Feedback button of the drop-down menu changes position, due to its little use. Now includes in the command palette button to make it more accessible. Clicking on this button will start the command palette as if we had typed “Ctrl + Shift + P”.

Another change that we are going to find refers to the Quake Mode integration to the systray. This new mode that was added to the Terminal in its previous version and allows us to summon the terminal in the upper half of the screen using the Win + `key combination. In addition, in this latest version, when we download Quake Mode, it is sent directly to the system tray, from where it can be quickly reopened.

Windows Terminal Preview 1.10 Quake mode system tray

Microsoft has also provided information regarding the changes that we will find in the Settings user interface, with a new design that allows us to accommodate a page for default values, as well as the base layer, so requested by its users. You are currently planning the possibility of incorporating the Defaults page into the Settings user interface, as well as designing an extensions page to allow users to manage their extensions in chunks JSON.

Windows Terminal Preview 1.10 bold text

The latest preview also takes care of giving your users the ability to add new actions or keyboard shortcuts without deleting existing actions. This is something that can be done directly from the user interface. Lastly, those in Redmond have added support for render bold text in the text renderer.

Various improvements and bug fixes

As is usually more common, along with the most important news, these changes are accompanied by improvements and bug fixes, with a list of all those that Microsoft listed.

Various improvements

Within the various improvements section we can now find:

  • Set our language preference for the terminal.
  • The percent sign is now added to all opacity slider values.
  • Allows you to close tabs by index.
  • The font settings can now be represented as an object in the settings.json file.

Error correction

Likewise, in this new Preview 1.10 version of Windows Terminal we should find the error correction.

  • Reduction in the number of crashes when opening the user interface.
  • The closing tabs should no longer hang in the terminal.
  • Allows you to open a new tab using the command line without closing the terminal.
  • Performance and reliability improvements.

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