Windows won’t let you uninstall a program? Let’s force it

In addition to the operating system as such, on our PC we find a good number of programs, some for daily use, others a little less. Either way, they are applications that we have installed on the team to fulfill and carry out certain jobs. Here we talk about the internet browser, a photo or video editor, the office suite, the antivirus, etc.

Despite its enormous utility, we must have some control over the applications that we install on the computer, since they occupy a certain space. And as I’m sure you already know first-hand, disk drive space is not unlimited, far from it. Therefore, it is always recommended that we correctly manage both the programs and the own files that we are storing. All this in order not to reach the unwanted moment of having to clean the hard disk in a mandatory way.

Therefore, for all this, one of the most common movements that we usually give in Windows is uninstalling software that we do not need. The most common thing at this point is that we make use of the uninstall function that we find in the Control Panel Windows. However, what at first seems to be a fairly simple task, can get a bit complicated and turn into a nightmare. This will occur in the event that when trying to uninstall a certain program, the uninstallation process crashes. Below we will see some of the steps to follow if we encounter this situation.

Restart Windows PC

In the event that we cannot uninstall a certain program from the OS of those in Redmond, one of the steps to take is the most common. As with many problematic situations in Windows, the first thing to try is to restart the computer completely.

With this, what we achieve is that all the processes are downloaded and for now more of the PC’s memory and start from scratch. Once the computer and the operating system have restarted, we just have to try again to uninstall that application from the control panel.

Close all program processes

If we see that this does not work and the program keeps blocking your uninstall, some background processes may be automatically open. This happens if the program itself starts automatically together with the operating system. Therefore what we can do is open the task manager, for example with the key combination Ctrl + Shift + ESC.

Once here we go to the Processes tab in order to see all those that are in operation at that moment in the system. We look for those that correspond to the name of the program that we want to eliminate, and right-clicking on each of them, we end them.

Use a third-party solution to uninstall

In the event that none of these steps gives us good results, we always have the possibility of using a third-party software solution. When we are we refer to the possibility of downloading and installing some Program on the computer especially suitable for these tasks. This is the case with titles such as Your Uninstaller that you can download from here or Bulk Crap Uninstaller that you download from this link.

To say that these programs to uninstall applications were specially designed for this type of task, so in many cases they are more effective than the Control Panel.

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