Wingardium Leviosa! Five reasons to play Hogwarts Legacy

Enter the Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Finally, after years of delays and bad news, it arrives at our homes. Hogwarts Legacythe new game in the Harry Potter saga that fans have been waiting for so long… and no wonder, since this title promises to make us experience magic like never before. So precisely on the occasion of this launch, we have decided to highlight five reasons why you should play it.

And without further ado, let’s get started. Action Ready!

A protagonist to suit you

One of the features that fans of the story created by JK Rowling liked the most is that the protagonist is customizable. Thanks to this, many gamers They will be able to make their frustrated dream of receiving the Hogwarts letter via owl come true and attend the most prestigious school of magic and wizardry in the entire magical world.

A magical combat system

According to a few lucky ones who have had the pleasure of trying Hogwarts Legacy, the combat system is something worth witnessing. It seems to feel very fluid, dynamic and makes every spell you cast totally different to the previous one, as well as that the duels between magicians are a visual spectacle worth witnessing for fans of the franchise. That’s what we call attention to detail.

Hogwarts Legacy

Explore Hogwarts like never before

Another of the aspects that has stood out the most about this title is that will allow us to explore the magical school like never before, either in the world of video games or cinema. Although in other titles of the saga such as LEGO or hogwarts mystery We could already walk through the corridors of the castle, now we will have the opportunity to access corners never seen before, as well as old rooms such as the common rooms of the four houses.

Expanding the Harry Potter universe

Another fact that excites fans is that This title will allow us to explore an era of the magical world never seen before, moving away from both the Harry Potter movies and the fantastic animals. Set in the 19th century, Hogwarts Legacy It will allow us to meet characters that will mark a before and after within the franchise itself.

Fulfill your magician fantasies

What fan of the saga of the boy who survived Lord Voldemort has never dreamed of attending a Defense Against the Dark Arts class, becoming a Quidditch Cup champion, winning the House Tournament or riding a hippogriff? In Hogwarts Legacy, You can finally live the wizarding life you’ve always dreamed of.

And you? are you going to play with Hogwarts Legacy?

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