Winks (very hidden) that Stranger Things 4 has to previous seasons

When television series are harvesting seasons and maturity, it is usual for their creators to introduce self-reference. Small details, sometimes insignificant, and others too obvious that make the viewer feel rewarded for their attention and knowledge of the plot. The fourth season of stranger things has not finished yet, but in the episodes that we have already been able to see, they have made lots of nods to previous episodes. These are the most interesting we have discovered. Did you find them too?

The best self-references of Stranger Things S4

How could it be otherwise, the first part of the fourth season of stranger things has ended with a great cliffhanger. have to wait until 1st of July so we can see the conclusion of the season. Meanwhile, on internet forums, a lot of people are sharing some of the references the Duffer Brothers have crammed into this season as references to their own work. They are the following:

the crossword

The first image we saw at the beginning of this season was a shot of the Doctor Brenner doing a crossword puzzle before going to work. In one of the lines, it can be seen as a hint ‘Shiva’s Wife’. And the answer to that question is ‘Kali‘. This is a reference to the second season of the series, when Eleven finds his long-lost sister, Kali, who they refer to as Eight.

Why does Eleven keep the door open?

During these seven episodes of the fourth season, there is a pattern that has been repeated numerous times. When Eleven is in her room writing letters to Mike, or when Mike is visiting Hawkins, he always keeps his bedroom door open a few centimeters. Why does he do it? Well, he’s just a little nod to the letter that hopper commands Eleven at the end of the third season.

the american flag

america erica

Erica appears with an American flag around her neck when she joins the Hellfire Club. Again, she’s a reference to the previous season, when she famously said her “You can’t spell America without Erica.».

Vicna’s victims

In season four, we learn that Vecna’s victims hear and see a watch shortly before death. Well, this reference is almost round. If you watch Season 2 again, you can hear what sounds like a clock ticking shortly after the Mind Buster takes Billy to the Upside Down.

Trick or Treating?

When Max is introduced to the world of Vecna ​​during the fourth episode, you can see what appears to be a stone. This is probably a nod to Michael Myers. In season two, Max dressed up as Michael for Halloween and scared Dustin, Mike, Lucas, and Will while doing classic trick-or-treating.

The power of Coca-Cola

coke stranger things

As Eleven trains to regain her powers, she recreates the iconic moment from season one where she gets crush a coke can. This is already a classic within the lore of Stranger Things, because in the third season, Eleven realized that she had lost her powers when she was unable to crush a can.

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