WinRAR features that improve security when compressing files

Surely most of you have needed a program of these characteristics to compress files at some point. In fact, they have been with us for decades offering services and features to assist us in compressing and decompressing files. But at the same time we must bear in mind that at this point these types of applications are not only limited to what we are talking about. We say this because at the same time they have a good amount of Additional functions.

How could it be otherwise, over the years its developers have tried to adapt their projects to the needs of users. This is the case of one of the most used proposals in the world, WinRAR. In fact, here we refer to one of the most complete and popular applications in this software sector. But as we tell you, it no longer only focuses on the file compression, but also offers us several very interesting options to safeguard our security. In these same lines we are going to talk about some of the functions that you should take into account related to this topic.

In this way, file compression and decompression tasks can be carried out safely from WinRAR.

Scan files for viruses from WinRAR

One of these security-related functions that we are talking about allows us to analyze a file or folder in search of some type of malware included. For this, the program uses the default antivirus that we have installed in the operating system, that is, it does not have its own antivirus. However, this will not be of much use if, before unzipping a certain file, we have doubts as to whether it contains any type of malicious code.

In order to benefit from this function we are talking about, we go to the menu option Tools / Search for viruses in the file. Next, we only have to choose an antivirus if we have several installed, and the file in question.

Do not decompress certain file formats

We already know from our experience over the years that there are some types of files that are more used to contain viruses than others. For example, here we can mention executables, those that directly call certain links, or some office formats. Whatever your own Program File compression offers us the possibility of never decompressing the file formats we want.

In this way, what we do is avoid unnecessary risks when it comes to unzip a file that has reached us. We achieve this by going to the Options / Settings menu option and clicking on the Security tab. Here we can already indicate the file extensions that we want to be avoided.

dangerous extensions

Set a predefined password

Both compressing and decompressing files is something we do on a regular basis. Some of today’s major operating systems already have their own built-in functionality for all of this. This allows us that with a couple of mouse clicks we can decompress any file in a matter of seconds. However, in many cases we should increase the security of these, all depending on the data it contains or we have stored here.

In the event that those files saved on the tablet are sensitive and we do not want them to fall into the wrong hands, the best thing to do when compressing them is to establish a password. In this way, to extract the content of that specific file, the user who is going to do it will need the password that we have established. If that file falls into the wrong hands, that user will not be able to see its content. We achieve this from the File menu through the option Set default password.

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