Wired or Wireless? These two great headphones are on sale

Although many of us have good speakers on our PC, or a sound bar, if we really want to enjoy the sound and soundtracks of our games, it is necessary to have some good headphones. Thanks to them we can feel the sound much better, and isolate ourselves from external sound (such as the fan of the PC or the console) to concentrate on what really matters: the game. In the market we can find a wide variety of headphones, of all kinds of brands and models. But, if we really want to enjoy the best sound quality, it is necessary to bet on a good brand that guarantees us the best of the best: HyperX.

Today we find an interesting offer in one of the best-selling and best models of this manufacturer: the HyperX Cloud Flight. These headphones stand out for many virtues, but one of them is for being wireless headphones, which will allow us to use them without having to be tied to the computer or the console. To do this, it uses its own 2.4 GHz receiver without latency, and mounts a battery that gives us up to 30 hours of play with the LED off. If we turn on the lighting of the device, the battery time decreases considerably.

These headphones allow us to listen to a frequency that goes from 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz when we connect them wirelessly. In addition, we have the possibility of also connecting them by cable, achieving a range of sounds that goes from 15 Hz to 23,000 Hz.

The microphone, to communicate with others, has a noise cancellation function for a much clearer quality. Also, if we are not going to use it, we can disconnect it from the headphones so that it does not bother and is not activated by mistake.

We can use these HyperX Cloud Flight on both PC and PlayStation 4 and PS5 consoles. It has the Signature HyperX Comfort system, which guarantees maximum comfort even during long gaming sessions, and it weighs 300 grams.

Its standard price is 139.99 euros. But, for a limited time, we can get them with a 17% discount, so it would end up in just €114.99. Also, since they are sold and shipped by PC Components, shipping is completely free and, if we don’t like them, we can return them without problems.

HyperX Cloud II, the wired alternative

If, on the other hand, we are one of those who prefer the cable, to forget about the battery and have better sound quality, we also have another model on offer, also one of the best known of HyperX, the Cloud II. These headphones have a minijack cable connection and another via USB, which gives us support for absolutely any console, from PC to PlayStation, Xbox, and even Nintendo Switch. Thanks to them we can achieve a sound range from 10 Hz to 23000 Hz, which, thanks to its digital surround sound technology, Virtual 7.1 surround, will provide us with quality and an impressive effect.

These headphones have a normal price of 99.99 euros. But, for a limited time, we can get them with a 19% discount. In this way, we can get hold of these HyperX Cloud II for just €80.99. Also, being sold and shipped by PC Components, we have totally free shipping and returns.

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