wireless headset for PC, PS5 and Xbox

Finally, it is also worth noting a autonomy theoretical battery well above average, as Newskill tells us that we will have up to 20 hours of autonomy with the lighting on and the volume at 60%, while if we remove the lighting the autonomy period goes up to 45 hours.

Unboxing and external analysis

The Newskill Atons come packed in a soft black cardboard box on the front side of which we can see an image of the device, accompanied by the name of the product and where the manufacturer also highlights its dual wireless connection and its compatibility with consoles.

Newskill Aton

On the back we have a sketch indicating the different parts and functions of the device, leaving the technical specifications in both Spanish and English for the sides.

All the accessories come in a transparent plastic bag, as well as a cardboard box with information about the guarantee, stickers, etc. that the brand always includes. These accessories consist of:

  • USB-C to 3.5 mm minijack cable, to be able to use the wired headphones with any audio source.
  • USB-C to USB-A cable to charge the battery.
  • Combo minijack to double minijack cable to separate microphone and headphones in analog, in case we need it on PC or Mac.
  • Windbreaker for the microphone.
  • USB dongle (RF 2.4GHz).


Right out of the box, here are the Newskill Atons. They have a fairly traditional open circumaural design, although as we will see shortly, the Spanish manufacturer has introduced a change in the adjustment of the headband.

Newskill Aton

The pads are fabric, soft to the touch and quite generously padded.

Newskill Aton

You will have already noticed that in one of the two earmuffs we have all the controls. From top to bottom, the first button is used to mute the microphone, but holding it down is also used to switch between the different lighting modes (or to turn it off). Underneath, an analog volume wheel, then a switch to switch between RF / USB and Bluetooth mode, power button and USB-C port for charging.

Newskill Aton

In this same earmuff we also have the retractable microphone, with a flexible and very comfortable rod.

Let’s continue to look at the structure of the headphones. The earmuffs do not have horizontal movement, only vertical and very slight.

And the adjustment of the headband is done in the same way as usual, only it is hidden. In the image below, the plastic piece (right) slides over the metal one (left), making the earphones bigger or smaller as desired.

Newskill Aton

In the internal area of ​​the headband we have a padded insert covered in fabric to prevent the weight on the head from bothering us.

Newskill Aton

And on the outside, a quality detail with a metal plate and the manufacturer’s logo.

Newskill Aton

Having seen the headphones, the time has come to try to see how they sound and if they are comfortable or not.

Testing the Newskill Aton

Let’s start talking about the ergonomics of the headphones, something that already worries us because they weigh 330 grams, since they incorporate a fairly large battery. The fit to the head is relatively good despite not having too much slack in terms of fit (beyond expanding the headband to make them larger), and they cover up outside noise quite a bit thanks to their circumaural shape.

Newskill Aton

However, even with Manuel (our mannequin) who has a relatively small head size, you can see that they don’t quite fit…the fit isn’t perfect, and it isn’t because, as we mentioned before, they lack the ability to move the earmuffs horizontally.

Newskill Aton

Other than that, the Newskill Atom fit quite well on any shape and size of head and ears, and we have to say that, surprisingly, we found them to be light despite the fact that they are actually quite heavy. However, we do have to tell you that after a couple of hours of use we have noticed some fatigue, especially in the ears. We also have to tell you that they are not the typical headphones that you put on and forget that you are wearing them, you notice that they are there at all times, so perhaps we would recommend them more for people with small heads (those who have tried them have a respectable head).

The RGB lighting in these headphones consists of a halo that covers the entire outer perimeter of the earmuffs, and the truth is that it looks quite good aesthetically speaking. Of course, it seems that Newskill has wanted it not to consume too much battery because its intensity is quite low, and with the light on it is hardly visible.

Newskill Aton

However, in dimmer conditions (also not dim light or dim light), it looks quite a bit better.

Newskill Aton

Continuing with the lighting, we have several modes: one that is a rainbow and that gradually changes color, and another that is fixed colors, being able to change between a handful of them (or leave the lighting off, in the end this is to the user’s liking). consumer).

Newskill Aton

Now let’s talk about audio performance, since these headphones lack software (and do not need it at all, in fact). We have been very surprised by the audio quality that they are capable of delivering, as well as the maximum volume that, as we predicted seeing their sensitivity, can cause damage (so be careful with that). The Atons deliver very clear sounds with rich nuances in mid and high tones, denoting that Newskill has done an excellent job in the equalization that these headphones have from the factory.

We really liked it a lot, and in fact they have nothing to envy other more expensive headphones in terms of sound quality… except perhaps in the low sounds, in which we have missed perhaps one or two more forceful points . All in all, you are guaranteed a very good audio experience with these headphones, whether you use them for games, movies or just music, they work like a charm.

Finally, as for the microphone, we cannot say much beyond that its performance is correct. In voice communication programs like Discord you will be heard with a quite natural tone of voice, and thanks to the included windproof filter you will prevent your breathing from being heard even though they do not have a noise cancellation system (which is a good point). . The microphone is not wonderful but it fulfills its mission in a reliable way, although we will tell you that we really liked the fact that it is retractable to hide it when we do not want to use it.

Conclusion and verdict

Actually, the Spanish manufacturer Newskill is beginning to stand out and a lot in the hardware industry thanks to the quality of its products, which is getting better and better. They have never had bad products, but their experience in the industry is being noticed and this is reflected in the fact that the products they are bringing to the market have better performance and better quality, something that those of us who have been attentive to the brand From the beginning we have been realizing.

The translation of this is that the Newskill Aton are headphones with excellent sound quality and that they have nothing to envy in this regard to products from other brands that are much more expensive. It is true that they are not the best headphones in the world, but it is also true that they are well above average and gamers will appreciate that very much.

Newskill Aton

But, since not everything is just audio quality, there are also many other aspects that, together, make these Atons possibly one of the best audio products of the brand. We refer to its autonomy of up to 45 hours, its retractable microphone or its multiple connection methods, something that makes them compatible with any device.

The only aspect of these headphones that could be improved is, from our point of view, their ergonomics; The fact that they do not have horizontal rotation in the earmuffs penalizes users with a considerable head size, making them not fit completely well and that we lose that feeling of forgetting that they are on. However, they are still comfortable (they are not uncomfortable at all), but we have to say that this aspect can be improved.

In conclusion, the Newskill Aton are without a doubt an excellent product for users who want to have the same headphones for all their devices, with great autonomy and very good audio quality. For these reasons, we believe they deserve our Gold award, as well as our recommendation for their performance.

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