Witailer shows brands the business opportunities on Amazon

Witailer has just launched a new product that can be very useful for companies. Is about Witailer STAT. The digital agency that provides consulting, technology and Business Intelligence solutions for the growth of brands on Amazon and other marketplaces, has launched a tool that uses advanced technology and ‘machine learning’ to allow brands identify business opportunities on Amazonthe ‘marketplace’ that channels 30% of e-commerce in Spain.

With the push for digitization after the COVID-19 pandemic, Witailer experts have observed a significant increase in search volume from numerous categories within Amazon, such as beauty, electronics or sports. In this context, the company has decided to launch this tool to help brands identify user search trends on Amazon, allowing them to obtain valuable information and improve the effectiveness of their commercial strategies inside and outside the Amazon Channel.

All this with the aim of responding to one of the main problems faced by companies in the current context of saturation of the competition: the need to be relevant and maintain high visibility. Thus, Witailer STAT has the capacity to analyze more than 6,000 product categories and intercept the most interesting business opportunities to give companies the possibility of continuing to grow in the digital environment.

Understand user behavior

As Witailer points out, taking into account that around 70% of users do not continue beyond the first Amazon search page and that 75% of online sales are initiated through the search bar, it is logical that the need for brands to understand the way consumers and users search is increasing in order to anticipate the trends that will mark consumption and achieve a more effective positioning. With the aim of being at the forefront of this trend, among others, more than 100 companies such as Barilla, Lavazza, Grupo Delaviuda or Delonghi trust Witailer to develop strategies to accelerate sales on Amazon.

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Starting from the demand, it is possible to analyze the existing supply and the main active players in the categories considered. Witailer STAT allows, through a series of Specific KPIs to help brands confirm some relevant aspects for the development of their operations, such as the probability that a new search trend it can be of short duration, or if it can be interesting for product development strategies or the optimization of the assortment in the digital channel.

“At Witailer we are convinced that data is key when it comes to identifying business opportunities in the digital ecosystem, developing and implementing effective strategies. This is what has led us to launch Witailer STAT; an innovative tool that allows brands, regardless of their size, to analyze (in a relevant way and with a high level of detail) the behavior of the market and its target user while identifying growth opportunities, something that, in some way, Thus, until now it was only within the reach of large companies”, explains Ignacio Hurtado, general manager of Witailer in Spain.

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