With any of these Kindle you have 3 free months of books

Kindle Unlimited, the free bar of books

We have already told you many times about the Kindle Unlimited service, but it is worth remembering all the advantages of this great platform for book eaters. Amazon is responsible for hosting in its cloud million copies ready and willing to read in the cloud, a system like Spotify that allows you, through a monthly subscription, access to all the titles without exception (!even to magazines What Stills, Vogue either Very interestingamong others!), thus enjoying a gigantic online library.

Furthermore, access from a Kindle couldn’t be easier and more comfortable -that’s why you play at home-, but being subscribed to Kindle Unlimited also allows you to access the unlimited service from numerous compatible devices such as your tablet or smartphone, for example. Its price? 9.99 euros per month (which more than compensate for anyone who reads regularly), although now you can enjoy it free for 3 months (and without any commitment of permanence once this period has ended) without purchasing a PaperWhite, Paperwhite Signature Edition, or Oasis.

Kindles now with free Unlimited

If there is a quintessential device when thinking about reading electronic books, that is the Kindle. A very varied family of models with prices for all pockets has undoubtedly helped it become the e-reader of reference, driven, of course, by the push of a brand like Amazon.

Amazon Kindle.

About the specific teams that are part of this promotion, we can tell you little that has not already been done. You already know that he Paperwhite It is our favorite model, since even in the same product the best of Amazon Kindles in terms of features and price. Remember that this Paperwhite has a 6.8-inch screen with reduced borders, autonomy of up to 10 weeks, adjustable warm light and boasts a 20% faster page turn than its predecessor, among other niceties.

In case you want something a bit more pro, you also have a vitaminized version of the Paperwhite with the Signature Edition. This adds to the qualities described above a greater storage capacity, automatic light adjustment and compatibility with wireless charging Q.

In case you want to treat yourself, your thing is that you bet on the Kindle Oasis. 7-inch, with a resolution of 300 dpi and a borderless front design, it enjoys adjustable warm light, it is waterproof and it sports an extremely thin and light body, being very manageable in the hand. It includes page turning buttons (there are users who are huge fans of this) and automatic screen rotation.

Do you already know which one you are going to choose to start reading without stopping?

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