With DDR5 already here, is it worth sticking with DDR4 RAM?

With the launch of the platform Alder Lake-S by Intel a few months ago, also came the DDR5 RAM, a new generation that has brought us many improvements in terms of performance and consumption, as well as independent voltage management per module. However, platforms with DDR4 RAM are still the order of the day, so if you’re looking to upgrade your PC or buy a new one, is it worth going for a DDR5 rig or is it better to stick with DDR4 for now?

DDR5 RAM is faster and consumes less than DDR4, but currently only Intel’s Alder Lake-S processors support it, although it is true that very soon AMD will launch the Ryzen 7000 and the new AM5 platform that will also do so. However, at the moment DDR4 RAM continues to dominate the market, so it is normal that if you intend to renew your PC or buy a new one, you ask yourself what is more worth it at this time.

DDR4 or DDR5 RAM, that is the question

We have been with DDR5 RAM on the market for some time now and we have seen what it is capable of, but we must also bear in mind that it is not only RAM that has made the new Intel platform have a performance higher to the previous ones, but it is a combination of everything and, of course, mainly because of the processor.

What we want to tell you with this is that if you intend to make the leap to a platform with DDR5 RAM, you should not make this decision just to jump to a new generation of RAM, since although it is true that it helps the platform has a better performance, in reality you will be hitting the jump more because of the architecture and the processor than because of the memory. Yes, you will have more performance, that is evident.

The platforms they are currently using DDR4 RAM are still active and delivering outstanding performance, and proof that DDR4 RAM is far from “dead” is that manufacturers keep bringing new and better models to market. In fact, we already know that the next Intel platform with the Core 13 will once again be a transition platform where we can buy motherboards compatible with DDR5 but also with DDR4, so if you already have this RAM and want to upgrade, you can do it without having to spend money on DDR5.

Ok but do I buy a system with DDR5 or not?

Having thoroughly tested the new Alder Lake-S platform that makes use of the new generation of RAM, we can say that the performance they deliver is much higher, as well as their connectivity options and others. Now, the price at which these systems are today, which involves changing the processor, motherboard and RAM, is also quite high, so much so that it is worth considering whether or not it is worth upgrading.

Core i9-12900K

In order to answer this question, we need to ask two questions in turn: Does your budget allow you to switch to a system with DDR5? Do you really need the extra performance that this new platform provides? If the answer to both questions is yes, then do not hesitate and update because you will notice an improvement in performance.

Now, if you don’t want to spend a lot of money and you don’t need extreme performance either, then don’t hesitate either and stick with your DDR4 RAM, which delivers excellent performance on both Intel and AMD. It’s that easy.

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