With disposable consoles, the Playdate is easy to repair

Playdate, a very repairable portable console

When it comes to repairing or trying to do it, the best website for many years is iFixit. This company and website, which anyone can access, offers a large number of guides to carry out the process in the best possible way. Although not all disassembled products are easy to fix.

For example, the latest Apple products, for which they have become very famous in recent years with their breakdowns, show that miniaturization in manufacturing processes has made the idea of ​​fixing one on your own almost mission impossible. What’s more, if some fail, it is easier to buy a new one than to try to solve the problem by changing the affected part. All that is to count the difficulty to be open.

Well, that doesn’t seem to be the case with Playdate. Panic’s particular portable console seems to have surprised and for the better with its high repair rate. What’s more, it could be compared to those first consoles like the Game Boy that was easy to disassemble to access each of its internal parts such as keypad, battery, screen, plate, etc.

Thus, in case you suffer a problem, if you have the affected part, the change is very simple with just having a little expertise in disassembling electronic products.

A different product in everything

With the iFixit exploded view from Panic’s Playdate It is demonstrated that both the product and the company itself have a very particular philosophy and a very different spirit from that of other companies or technology manufacturers.

And that is logical that if you are looking for smaller and more compact devices, in most cases there is no other option than to do what is being done with mobile phones, laptops, tablets, controls, etc. That is nothing more than unifying the majority of components in one only to reduce production costs at the same time.

However, it is certain that Playdate also seeks to be as cheap to produce as possible, but without falling into something that ends up affecting the user and even the support that they themselves would have to give if it was difficult to repair.

So it is very possible that the idea of ​​Panic when making the console was not only to make something original when playing, also something that with the proper instructions the owner of it can fix. So they, in case of breakdown and still be under warranty, they would only have to send the affected part and ready. They save time, costs and the user also stays calmer for when there is no coverage (official guarantee).

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