With iOS 15, students will say goodbye to this heavy task

Why are you interested in this new feature of the iPhone?

We are not going to judge whether the student’s life is really the best or not, but it is clear that it is not simple either. One of the heaviest tasks carried out is that of pass notes to clean. If you have missed a day of class or for any reason you did not take notes, this becomes even more tedious because you will have to ask a classmate for notes.

It is precisely at this last point that the Live Text function comes into play. If your partner has sent you a photo of the notesThe way you have so far to clean them is by copying them by hand on your own or by transferring them to a computer. Well … It’s over! This new feature of iOS 15 allows detect text in a photo and treat it as if it were a digital text.

Therefore, you can directly select the text from your photos and paste it into a text editor (Word, Pages, Notes, etc.). This way you will save a lot of time (and hand pain) by not having to pass it manually. You can then edit it, add shading, underlines, additional annotations or whatever you want because it will be a digital text like any other. And the best of all is that will also be on iPadOS 15, so if you use an iPad as a notebook you can also carry out this task.

Of course, this function does not will be on all iPhones and iPads, since it requires a series of more recent processors than those of the iPhone 6s, for example, which will be compatible with iOS 15. The list of devices that may have it is this:

  • iPhone XS and later (including ‘XR’)
  • iPad (2020) and later
  • iPad mini (5th gen.) and later
  • iPad Air (2019) and later
  • iPad Pro (2020) and later

iOS 15 could arrive this week

Apple presented this new version in June accompanied by the corresponding ones for iPad, Mac, Apple Watch and Apple TV. Although it has been (and is) in beta for developers, the truth is that it is not yet officially available to the public. However, it is expected that this long-awaited update could finally arrive this week.

Tomorrow the Apple Event will be held in which the iPhone 13 will be presented, among others. Most likely, at the end of said event, the company will announce the launch date of iOS 15. Last year they placed it at day after the event, so it would not be surprising that now the same thing is going to happen and can be available on Wednesday. And if not, it would not take long because the new iPhones will already bring this version as standard.

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