With its new Surface, Microsoft is trying to make people forget the Windows 11 controversy

Microsoft has just renewed its range of Surface computers to have reference machines with the release of Windows 11. But these new PCs also remind us that Windows 11 has put aside a lot of old Surface computers not that old …

On Wednesday, September 22, 2021, Microsoft introduced many new Surface machines. We saw company officials unveil the Surface Duo 2, but also the Surface Pro 8, the Surface Go 3 and the Surface Laptop Studio.

With the exception of the Laptop Studio, which adopts a fairly original construction (it allows the screen to be folded over the keyboard to adopt a tablet look), the other two Surface continue to sport the traditional family look, with a detachable keyboard and a kickstand on the back of the screen. The changes come mainly from the technical sheet which has been updated. We find in particular the appearance of a 120 Hz screen on the Surface Pro 8, and a 10th generation Intel Core-i3 processor on the Surface Go 3.

The “best showcase for Windows 11”

But the real role of these new Surfaces is not really to revolutionize the world of computing. These devices signed Microsoft, are rather thought to be ambassadors of Windows 11. During the conference, the new operating system from Microsoft was almost entitled to as much attention as the devices on which it was running. Microsoft does not hide it, according to the communication of the brand these Surface were developed ” with Windows 11 in mind “And are simply” the best boxes for Windows 11 “.

The new Microsoft Surface is designed for Windows 11… unlike the old ones // Source: Microsoft

Nothing really surprising about all of this. Microsoft, like Apple, touts its “vertical integration” model that allows you to control both software and hardware to deliver the best possible experience. Except that these announcements come a few weeks after a real cold shower for Microsoft fans. The minimum compatibility requirements of Windows 11 have indeed sidelined a good bunch of Surface computers.

Windows 11 abandons Surface Book, Surface Go, Pro 5

The first generation Surface Book, the Surface Pro 5 (and previous models) as well as the original Surface Go are officially not compatible with Windows 11. This is due to their processors which do not fit in the list established by Microsoft. However, these products were released in 2015, 2017 and 2018 respectively. They are not old machines. Still, Microsoft’s policy on Windows 11 will most likely prevent them from being updated to the new OS. They will certainly still benefit from Windows 10 monitoring (which will end in 2025), but will not be able to take advantage of the new features of Windows 11.

For comparison, macOS Monterey, which should arrive soon on Apple computers, has been compatible with most MacBook Airs and Pros since 2015. Microsoft applies the same internal development logic as Apple, but does not offer the same software tracking. What the company offers instead is a new generation of products, which will undoubtedly be very good at running Windows 11, but which also seem to be there to make people forget that computers just 6 years old are going to be upgraded. side.

Want an inexpensive gateway to Windows 11? No problem, the Surface Go 3 will be available at 439 euros. A light and powerful laptop? The Surface Pro 8 at 1,179 euros will probably suit you. The best of the best? The Surface Laptop Studio is for you. Want to keep and update your Microsoft PC bought a few years ago? Sorry, that is not possible.

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