With macOS Sonoma you can use your passwords in third-party browsers

macOS Sonoma

Little by little some novelties of macOS Sonoma that were not explained at WWDC last month, and that does not mean they are no less important. Developers have been testing upcoming Mac software for more than a month now, and they’re discovering new details.

And one of them is that with macOS Sonoma, you will be able to use the macOS password manager not only with Safari, but also with the rest of third-party browsers such as ChromeEdge, etc.

A clever developer has published on his account Twitter that after installing macOS Sonoma on your Mac, you can now access the passwords stored in Password Manager on your Mac from any browser, be it Safari, or a different one like Chrome or edgefor example.

This is a novelty, since until now you could only autofill your passwords from the macOS password manager if you were browsing with Safari. You can even create new passwords and save them in the manager.

This is because Apple has released for macOS Sonoma an extension of iCloud Passwords Chrome. Once installed, you can access your saved passwords in the password manager in Chrome or any Chromium-based browser. Apple has also provided an extension for Microsoft Edge users.

It should also be explained that the developers of the most popular browsers are working to be able to implement compatibility with the system shortly. Passkeys from Apple.

As of yesterday, you can already try macOS Sonoma (if your Mac supports it) without having to have an official Apple developer account. Those of Cupertino have released the first version macOS Sonoma public betafor all those users who are signed up for Apple’s public beta tester program.

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