With the new Kobo readers, you will not only read, you will also listen

The new Kobo eReaders are ready for audiobooks

There are many e-book readers on the market, although most users always end up betting on Amazon solutions. And it is normal, the Kindle usually have very good features at an even better price thanks to the margins that Amazon can afford.

However, there are very good alternatives on the market and some of them are from Kobo. This eReader manufacturer from which we have already been able to analyze proposals such as the Kobo Elipsa, an electronic book reader with a pencil, has now presented two new models where the Bluetooth connectivity and audiobook support. We are talking about the new Kobo Sage and Kobo Libra 2.

The Kobo Sage It is the more ambitious model of the two presented. It is a reader that offers a high resolution electronic ink screen, 8 inches diagonal and with E Ink Letter 1200 technology in addition to Comfort Light Pro. This lighting system allows you to adjust both the brightness level and the color temperature to adapt to the time of day and improve the reading experience.

Along with its 32 GB of storage capacity, support for Dropbox and a design where one of the frames is wider to facilitate grip without covering what appears on the screen, the most striking of all is the support for the Kobo Stylus and Bluetooth connectivity. This last feature is especially useful because this reader supports the playback of audiobooks purchased from the Kobo Audiobooks store.

Thanks to the Bluetooth connection and said support, both this and the next one we are talking about, allow you to enjoy content that the Kindle does not yet offer despite Amazon also having a good catalog of books in audible format.

Moving on to Kobo Libra 2 the product is similar to the previous one, although with some different technical characteristics that allow it to be more economical. Even so, where they are basically the same is in the use of a screen with E Ink Carta 1200 technology, Comfort Light Pro lighting system and a 7-inch diagonal.

Price and availability

Now that you know the main features of both e-book readers, it is important to talk about prices, because they are not cheap, let’s say, and their availability, which will be from October 19.

The Kobo Sage costs 289.99 euros and the Kobo Libra 2 189.99 euros. They are prices that, as we said, are not low when compared to other rivals. Even so, you have to assess each and every one of its benefits to be able to assess to what extent they could be an interesting investment or not.

If you only stick with the primary option of reading eBooks, then they may not compensate you. However, if you add the function of listening to audiobooks, things change. Of course, if you are a fan of this type of content, you may be overloaded with your mobile phone. So you could save the money.

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