With the new Leica Q2 007 Edition you will have a license to shoot

Leica Q2, the James Bond camera

It is not the first time nor will it be the last that special editions of certain products are launched taking advantage of the premiere of a movie. Even less if it is a long-awaited one like the new James Bond, because No Time to Die will arrive on October 8 to movie theaters.

Well, after having been rumored for some time about the possibility of Leica releasing a special edition of one of their cameras, now it is confirmed and this is the new Leica Q2 ‘007 Edition’. What does it offer? Let’s see it.

The James Bond special edition of this Leica camera relies primarily on the color scheme and minor detail of the lens cap. Here the leather is ocean green and the lid is embossed that simulates that typical image from Bondo movies where you see through the barrel of a pistol.

Otherwise, the Leica Q2 007 offers nothing really different. So, the only thing is these, although it must be admitted that considering Bond’s style it does fit quite well with the elegance of the well-known MI6 secret agent.

Beyond customization, its technical characteristics

Now that you know what the Leica Q2 ‘007 Edition’ In terms of customization, the truth is that the rest of the technical characteristics are identical to those of the Leica Q2 that was already known. That is, it is a digital camera with a sensor 47.3 megapixels, equipped with a Summilux lens with f1.7 maximum aperture and 28mm focal length.

Although the lens is fixed it also allows a selected framing option that would result in images like those that could be done with 28, 35, 50 and 75 mm focal lengths. Of course, being a cutout on the sensor, the resolution of the image would be affected and would go from 47.3 to 30, 15 or 7 megapixels.

For the rest, the camera has a 3.68 megapixel resolution OLED viewfinder and an LCD screen so you can choose your best option for framing. It also allows you to record 4K resolution video and all the options offered by its different menus or the joint use of the Leica app to transfer the images to a mobile device.

The price of the James Bond camera

At this point, the price of this Leica is sure not to surprise you at all. First for being Leica, second for being a special edition. How much will the 007 camera cost? Well some 6,800 euros is what you will have to drop if you want to get one of the 250 cameras that are going to be sold.

By the way, on the Leica website there are some images taken with a Leica M, Leica Q2 and Leica SL with the behind the scenes of the film No Time to Die that are quite striking. You can see them here.

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