With the Z Flip 3, Samsung finally releases a phone that fits in the pockets of women’s pants

The Z Flip 3, Samsung’s latest foldable smartphone, is a particularly compact phone when folded up. So much so that he manages the feat of fitting into most pockets of women’s jeans.

Samsung has just presented its two new foldable smartphones: the Z Fold 3 and the Z Flip 2. Beyond the technological debauchery and the engineering prowess embodied by these two mobiles, the Z Flip 3 has a massive marketing argument : It is compact enough to fit in the pockets of women’s pants.

Mini smartphone for mini pockets

While our smartphones have never really stopped growing in years, the pockets of women’s jeans have remained ridiculously small. As a result, in an informal survey we conducted in 2019, 82% of men explained that they carried their smartphones in their front pockets, while for women, the figure only rose to 12%. Blame it on a fashion industry that judges having real pockets in women’s pants not being distinguished.

Z Flip 3 measurements
Z Flip 3 measurements // Source: Samsung

So if you’re tired of carrying around a handbag or having to slip your smartphone into your back pocket, the Z Flip 3 may be for you. Unfolded, the phone measures about fifteen cm high and 7 cm wide, which is a fairly standard size. Folded on the other hand, the phone measures only 8.6 cm high, enough to slip it easily into the front pockets of women’s pants which measure on average 14 cm high.

The risk of the back pocket

Strangely, Samsung seems to have missed this specificity. During the presentation of the phone, Christina Burton (European marketing manager at Samsung) praised the compactness of the Z Flip 3 which allows it ” to easily fit into the back pocket of your pants “. On its site, Samsung also shows a person slipping the Z Flip 3 into the back pocket of his pants. Habits definitely die hard. Remember that even the Paris police headquarters advises against putting valuables “in your back pockets To avoid theft.

The Galaxy Z Flip 2
The Galaxy Z Flip 3 // Source: Samsung

The only downside is that the Z Flip 3 is still 1.7 cm thick. Once folded, it will therefore be visible in your pocket, front or back. For the privilege of having a compact smartphone, capable of slipping into the front pocket of your jeans, it will cost 1,059 euros. Security has never been so expensive.

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