With these 4 tips, you will sell your things much faster on Wallapop

All of us, absolutely all of us, have something at home that we already we haven’t used it for a long time. Whether it is an electronic product that passed away after buying a new one, a piece of furniture that has ceased to be useful, a painting that we have never quite liked, the old monitor that we remove when we buy a new one, shoes or slippers that barely we use or any type of clothing.

If we talk about selling anything or buying second-hand items, the first option that comes to mind is Wallapop.

Tricks to sell on Wallapop

If we want the sale to take place as soon as possiblewe must follow a series of tips like the ones we show you below, tips that, although many seem obvious, many people do not use them and literally spend months to sell any product, no matter how cheap it may be.

Sell ​​Wallapop

  • The more details, the better. When we fill out a form to sell on Wallapop, we must try to offer as much information as possible, stopping to think about what data we would like to have about the product we are selling if they were interested in buying it. In this way, we will also reduce the number of questions that we may receive about it.
  • Photos, many photos. It is just as important to show all possible information about a product that we are selling as it is to demonstrate the state in which it is located. It is not about putting photos for the sake of putting, but it is about demonstrating that the article is in the same state that we are describing. If we are talking about a mobile, in addition to the images of the front and back, we must also offer images of the four corners and any imperfections that it has.
  • Use social networks. When we have just published an ad, Wallapop allows us to publish a link on our social networks so that, in this way, if some of our friends or followers are interested, they have the opportunity to buy it, and it will always be a better deal than with a a stranger.

do not undersell

Unless we have an urgent economic need, we must always choose to get the maximum possible price within certain limits.

Sell ​​Wallapop

  • Compare prices. People who search on Wallapop are looking to save money when buying new items, so they know full well what the price of that same new product is. The price for which we want to sell a product must be similar to that of other products in our environment and always add a margin to lower it slightly, since this is one of the first questions that we will always receive.
  • Take advantage of notifications. When someone is interested in a Wallapop product, they click on the heart and save it as a favorite. If the item suffers a change in price, all the people who have it as a favorite will receive a notification with the change with the change. With just 1 euro lowering the price, the notification will be sent.
  • invoice and packaging. If it is an electronic device and we keep the purchase invoice and the packaging, we will always be able to ask for something more, since it is a guarantee for which many users are willing to pay a little more. Buying a second-hand product that is still under warranty is an option that many users look for when buying through Wallapop and allows us to get extra money from our product on the market.

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