With these bases you will turn your Echo and Echo dot into portable speakers

These accessories are used to place the assistant on its surface, and they integrate a rechargeable battery that will make our Echo more autonomous than ever. In all these cases, the qualities of the smart speaker remain intact, of course, being able to continue enjoying the streaming music services that you normally use, handle the various connected devices that you have configured and even take advantage of its temperature sensor if you are interested.

Types of bases for Echo

The basis for Current 4th Gen Echo they use a power port found at the bottom of the device. They also use the thread carabiner type that is also in the lower part and that is not found in the Echo Dot either. Once docked, the Echo and base will form a fixed device and we will not have to separate them at any time.

Regarding the models for Echo Dot, use other closure systems to make them fixed, either by pressure, with hooks or using glue, since these more affordable versions of the Amazon assistant don’t have the screw on the back of the product. Regarding the power of the Dot, it is done through a cable that comes out of the base and connects to the standard charging port of the Echo.

You must have a lot be careful before choosing a base to make your Amazon Echo wireless. You need to make sure that the model you want to buy is compatible with the one you have at home, since each computer has its design and its different charging system, so you should check it before pressing the buy button.

The best bases to make your Amazon Echo portable

GGMM D4 Dot Base

ggmm d4 base amazon echo dot

This model has a 5,200 mAh battery and promises us an autonomy of more than 6 hours of playback. The coupling is made by means of a double sided adhesive. The station is solely cCompatible with 4th generation Dot, it is only available in black and its design has been taken care of so that it does not interfere with the microphone or with the sound reproduction of the terminal. Charges in approximately 3 hours and 30 minutes using the Dot’s original charger.

PlusAcc Battery Base for Dot 4th

plusacc base echo wireless charging echo dot 4

The design of the PlusAcc is similar to that of the GGMM D4 in the previous paragraph, but it has a much larger battery, almost double, as it is capable of delivering 10,000 mAh. Its price is very similar, which makes this product a very interesting option if you want to have a Amazon Echo wireless. It is compatible with all Fourth generation Echo Dot and it has an autonomy of use of 24 hours on standby, 12 hours at 100% volume and 16 hours if we set the tone below 50%. Recharges in 6 hours using the Dot’s 15-watt charger. It is anchored to the device using side tabs They fit right on the edge of the speaker cloth.

I-box for Echo Dot 3

i-box amazon echo 3 wireless base

If your Dot is from the previous generation, this model interests you. This station has a very interesting design, since the Dot is encapsulated inside the I-Box in a very simple and keeping the same original design, only occupying more volume. Have 10,000 mAh battery and gives you 12 hours of playtime on a single charge. Is available in White and on black to match the color of the Echo.

Mission Battery Base for Echo 4

This model is designed exclusively for the Threw out (the big one) fourth generation. Installing it is very simple, because we will only have to remove the cover of the Echo’s charging port, put the sphere on the Mission Battery base and press the thread from below. Once docked, Mission Battery and your Echo will be one. The advantage of this combination is that the base receives the charge from the Echo using the original charger. This means that no need to charge the base separately, but we can have our Echo plugged in at home and disconnect it at any time to make it wireless. It will simply be necessary that wherever you put it, there is a Wi-Fi connection.

The Mission base is available in Two colors. Regarding autonomy, the manufacturer does not offer data, although it should exceed 6 hours of uninterrupted playback without any problem.

Mission Battery Base for Echo 4 Dot

The same manufacturer has available another model exclusively designed for the Fourth generation Echo Dot. The mechanism of the bracket is totally different, since, since there is no thread or the bottom loading slot in the Dot, the guys at Mision Battery have had to redesign the product a bit. This version embrace the dot sphere taking care not to affect its sound pickup and emission capabilities. The fastening is done only with the cable, so we are going to have a product as solid as in the case of the Echo 4. It has 5 hours of autonomy playing content and is also available on Two colors.

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