With these changes, my laptop battery now lasts much longer

When we go to buy a new laptop, the first thing to take into account is what we want to prioritize: autonomy and mobility or space. If the reason that forces us to buy a laptop is related to the space we have at home to use it, the issue of autonomy remains in the background. But, if we are going to take it from here to there, we want it to be light and also have great autonomy.

Whether we have bought a laptop for a specific use that has subsequently changed, or if we already have a computer, if we want to stretch team autonomy In order for it to last much longer than it currently does, we can follow some of the advice that we show you below. With more advice we follow, the more possibilities we will have to extend the battery of our equipment.

Extends the battery life of a laptop

The tips that we show you below are perfectly valid both for new equipment and for those that have been around for a while and the battery life is not, even remotely, the same as when we bought it.

  • adjust brightness. Unless we are working in sunlight or in a very excited environment, we must always adjust the brightness manually through the dedicated buttons, leaving aside the operation of the light sensor if it has one.
  • Do not use the dedicated graphic if it is not necessary. Just as it doesn’t make sense to take advantage of all the power of the computer to write a text or visit a website, if our computer has a graph, it won’t be necessary to use it for these same tasks either, since with the integrated one we will have more than enough.
  • Use the right power plan. If we use the laptop to work, it does not need to use the maximum power that it is capable of giving us, so we must adjust the appropriate power plan at all times, which, in this case, would be the Economizer.

  • Close background apps and processes. If we have finished working with Photoshop or the browser, the only use it is to have it open is to consume resources that drain the equipment sampling battery, a battery that we can use to increase the time that our laptop can be on. Both to close applications and background processes, we can use the Task Manager.
  • Disable Wi-Fi connection. When we are not connected to a wireless network, Windows is constantly looking for nearby networks to connect to, an action that consumes battery and that we must disable if we do not have a connection point to connect to.
  • Avoid overheating. Heat is the worst enemy of any battery, both in laptops and mobile devices, since it helps to accelerate its degradation and it is increasingly offering us less autonomy. The thing about using the laptop on the bed, a cushion that we see in the movies, will look great, but it is the worst thing for a laptop that the ventilation outlets are obstructed, preventing the heat from escaping from the inside of the equipment.

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