With these Instagram accounts you will travel all over the world

Travel through Instagram, is it a good idea?

This question may be the one that is going through your mind right now. And even more seeing that many creators share their trips to the Maldives, Riviera Maya or paradisiacal places like that. And the truth is that yes, we can find great places to go throughout the world thanks to this social network.

The vast majority of travel content is dedicated to publishing some of the most idyllic locations in the world, but if we dig a little through some of these accounts, we can find locations suitable for all budgets. And, if these still slip away from our purchasing power, we can always choose to enjoy the photos and videos of these traveling creators while we raise the necessary money for our next adventure.

Best travel accounts on Instagram

That said, now is the time to show you our compilation with some of the best travel accounts on all of Instagram.

One detail that we wanted to tell you about is that, to give a voice to all kinds of creators, we wanted to have profiles from millions of subscribers to some with a “few thousand” followers. That, although they also seem large numbers, next to the other accounts they are not so much.

Murad Ossman (@muradosmann)

The first of the travel accounts that we want to talk to you about is, in turn, one of the most popular on all of Instagram. This is the profile of Murad ossman who, together with their partner, travel all over the world, already impacting almost 4 million users through this social network. The moment of his explosion was with one of his first photographs in which he shook hands with her, an act that (in addition to his great captures and his work) have led him to become widely known in networks. A format that they invented and that, today, is almost a common catch in many travel bloggers.

The Bucket List Family (@thebucketlistfamily)

On the other hand we have the content created by the Gee family, more we know as The Bucket List Family. The spouses of this couple met on a trip to Russia and, since then, they travel all over the world and show it through their profile on Instagram. Of course, as their children have been born, they have been included in this adventure. Currently this traveling family has more than 2.6 million followers and rising by leaps and bounds thanks to its good royo and its quality content.

JACK MORRIS (@doyoutravel)

If you like travel content, surely, at some point, you have come across one of the impressive captures of Jack morris. This young traveler moves all over the world through dream landscapes, beaches, mountains, safaris and a very long etcetera. In addition, if you are one of those who enjoys photographs more than normal, you will love to contemplate your feed with a fairly careful and homogeneous aesthetic. As of today, Jack already has 2.5 million followers through this social network.

Lauren Bullen (@gypsea_lust)

The creator Lauren bullen is the clear example of an influencer who enjoys her work enormously. She loves traveling, fashion and showing her day-to-day life through the stories on her profile. You will still see her walking through Italy, In the deserts of the Arab Emirates or at her home in Greece, but this girl is a “restless ass” and is always here and there sharing her passion in her networks. Currently your profile already has almost 2 million followers On Instagram.

Alan around the World (@alanxelmundo)

For his part, Alan is the first Spanish-speaking creator to land in this compilation, although he is also known for being a famous actor on the other side of the pond, in this sector he prefers to be identified on his own. Alan around the world. It is about a Mexican who began his adventures with a trip to India and, from that moment, discovered the great passion of sharing his experiences knowing different places throughout the world. Right now, your account reaches a staggering 1.5 million followers in this social network.

Marie & Jake | Love & Travel (@mariefeandjakesnow)

We continue with Marie & jake, the couple in charge of bringing Mariefeandjakesnow’s account to life. Thanks to sharing their experiences, their love for each other and their passion for travel, they have created a community that already exceeds the million followers On Instagram. You can see this German and this Australian traveling all over the world from France, Bali or Greece. Does this pair of influencers give us a little envy? You can, but your content takes a lot of work and effort behind each photo or video.

Nicanor Garcia (@nicanorgarcia)

We now turn to the profiles with less than 1 million followers. Specifically, the first one we want to talk to you about is Nicanor Garcia which, currently, already adds 752 thousand followers in this social network. It is the profile of a Catalan photographer who is passionate about architecture and who demonstrates it through his Instagram account. In it you will be able to see incredible places from different parts of Spain as well as others as wonderful as Porto or Petra.

Jethro Mullen (@jethromullen)

Another very interesting creator is Jethro mullen. This is a CNN journalist who currently resides in Hong Kong. Through your profile we will be able to know many super interesting places throughout Asia, in addition to many other places in the world. His profile today amounts to more than 670 thousand travel lovers.

Street travelers (@street travelers)

We continue with another couple who, in this case, are two Spaniards who are lucky (thanks to their great work) to make a living from what they like the most: travel. Both through their networks and through their own blog you share their experiences and the amazing landscapes and things they get to know. Something super curious about the profile of Street travelers, which already has almost 230 thousand followers, is that they always share in their biography the journey they are making at every moment.

Zak Shelhamer (@zakshelhamer)

If you like adventures, extreme sports and seeing spectacular landscapes, you should follow Zak Shelhamer. He is a creator of commercial videos and documentaries who, while traveling the world working, shares all his adventures through his account on Instagram. Today it already adds 140 thousand followers in this social network, who enjoy the amazing photos and videos of this young man.

Marianne Hope (@mariannehope)

To close this compilation, it is time to pass the barrier of those accounts below 100,000 followers on this social network, without wanting to detract from their work (on the contrary, we want to give them the voice they deserve).

The first of the two accounts that we want you to know is that of Marianne hope. A Norwegian photographer who uses all her creativity to make very striking photos of her travels and publish them on her Instagram account. It currently has almost 82 thousand lovers of travel and photography among his followers.

Tim Clark (@ timclark1)

Last but not least, you should meet this wonderful photographer named Tim clark. An Australian who shares through his account incredible places for those who enjoy adventurous travel. They may not be the locations that anyone could go to, but you will certainly be amazed by their content just like the 38 thousand followers that adds up so far.

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