With these new AMD GPUs you can buy a cheap gaming laptop

Entry-level GPUs with AMD RDNA 2 architecture They are not a novelty, since we have known the existence of Navi 24 for a long time, in fact, the specifications of the 6500 XT for desktop were already leaked a few weeks ago. Well, today the different models for laptops have been leaked.

AMD RX 6500M and 6300M, Navi 24 for notebooks

RX 6500M 6300M

The laptop version of the Navi 24 GPU should come as no surprise, the consumption of these graphics chips is low enough to fit in a laptop after an undervolting exercise and a slight drop in clock speed.

Well, as it has been learned after data mining in the 21.40 driver, AMD is going to launch four variants of its RX 6000 for low-end gaming laptops, which are: Radeon PRO W6500, Radeon PRO W6300, Radeon RX 6500M and Radeon RX 6300M. Since at the Radeon Technology Group. We do not know the exact specifications of the different systems, but the information we have speaks of a bus of 64 bit GDDR6 and a configuration of 16 Compute Units.

Logically, it is expected that the Radeon Pro does not differ in specifications from their gaming counterparts for gaming, however, we will see them in laptops designed for the professional GPU market, therefore, with a different set of drivers. In addition to that we are possibly going to see them paired with the APUs of the Ryzen Pro range.

The presentation of these laptop graphics cards as well as their desktop equivalents is expected during the CES conference that will be given by Lisa Su, so its launch date for notebooks equipped with such GPUs should not be far off in time.

Intel versus AMD in low-end GPUs

Radeon Ryzen Board

Since Intel is also launching its Intel ARC Alchemist based on DG-128 around the same dates and for the same type of notebooks, it will be interesting to see how AMD’s solutions play against Intel’s. And we expect complete CPU and GPU solutions from both companies in the form of various laptop models.

We mean that both AMD and Intel have created a reference platform for the manufacture of laptops with their CPUs and GPUs. On the one hand, the Ryzen 6000 APUs will be paired with the RX 6000M GPUs and on the other the Intel Core 12 with the ARC Alchemist, all in a complete package where the most affected will be NVIDIA by not having an x86 CPU.

In other words, both Intel and AMD will offer reference models in which the chipset will be included as part of the same board, the RAM that will surely be LPDDR, the CPU that will be soldered to be BGA and the GPU that will be of the same brand. All that laptop builders and manufacturers will have to do is assemble the rest of the laptop around it. What’s more, there are many numbers that we see a range of ultralight gaming laptops.

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