With these Razer headsets, you WILL FEEL the sound on PC and PS5

Audio is an important part of the gaming experience, during the action dozens of sounds are generated at the same time that respond to the actions of the players to create a virtual environment not only believable for our eyes, but also for our ears. That is why having a good speaker system or headphones is just as important as having a good monitor. How are the new Razer Kaira HyperSpeed Y Razer Kaira Pro HyperSpeed for the PlayStation 5 console?

One of the least talked about things about SONY’s new generation console is its impressive audio system, baptized as Tempest Engine and that with quality headphones and the ability to play multichannel sound give us an additional level of experience when playing games. It is something that we cannot describe in words and that is worth experiencing with the right peripheral.

How Razer Kaira wireless headset for PS5?

Razer has just presented its new gaming headphones, which have been launched as official products for PlayStation, however, we can use them without problems on our PC, since they will work without problems on our favorite platform. To do this, bring a Proprietary 2.4 GHz wireless connection with much lower latency than Bluetooth and that makes there is no delay between the action of the game and what we are hearing.

In the case of Razer Kaira Pro HyperSpeed ​​these contain the same vibration technology as the DualSense, where the headset vibrates in our head to the beat of the audio, allowing us to feel the audio through touch as well. In addition, all three models in the Razer Kaira range come equipped with the Razer Triforce Titanium 50mm diaphragm and are coated with titanium. As well as the Razer HyperClear Supercardiode ENC microphone, which is also detachable.

As for the availability of these headphones, they are already on sale from October 15, 2022. As for their prices, they are as follows:

  • Razer Kaira Pro HyperSpeed for €239.99
  • Razer Kaira HyperSpeed for €159.99
  • Razer KairaX for 69. 99 €

On the other hand, if you’re an Xbox user, don’t worry, since Razer also has a version available for that console, optimized for its advanced audio system.

Razer Hammerhead gaming earbuds

In case you don’t like playing with headband headphones and these seem annoying, then the Razer Hammerhead can be a more than worthy solution and they will also allow you to play online games without problems, since They have a microphone in each earphone with ambient noise cancellation. Which is also in the listening part.

Razer Hanmerhead

Other features to highlight?

  • use of technology Razer ChromeRGB
  • Battery up to 30 hours
  • Fast charging via USB-C
  • Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity.
  • In addition, like the Kaira, they are designed to be used with both PS5, PC and also Xbox.
  • We will have a black version with Xbox motifs to match the Xbox Series X.
  • You can use its Type-C dongle to reduce sound latency.

The release date and price of the Razer Hammerhead? The next month of November for €179.99.

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