With this cheap PC you can play Farming Simulator 22 in Ultra

Christmas is approaching and many of us relax playing video games, but not everyone is willing to kill enemies left and right, but they seek to emulate more relaxed and less action things like taking care of a farm in Farming Simulator 22. An activity that we recommend for stress and that is why we are going to tell you what PC you need to play it to the fullest.

For some time now, games based on real-life professions have become popular on PC, where in the most realistic way that allows a virtual environment we can drive a truck on the roads of the whole world, have a mechanical workshop in the one to repair different cars and even variants in which we repair computers.

What is Farming Simulator 2022?

Farming Simulator 22

One of the most relaxing management games is Farming Simulator, in which you have to manage a farm while handling different types of agricultural machinery correctly to take advantage of your fields. It gets to the point where you have to think about what to grow in each season and take into account the sowing, watering, harvesting and distribution cycles. It’s funny how a job in real life that is gradually being lost has so many followers.

Since these types of game approaches are becoming more and more popular, we have thought about a PC configuration to be able to play Farming Simulator 2022 without problems and without breaking the bank in the process.

With this PC you can play Farming Simulator 22

Farming Simulator 22

The first thing that we have marked is a resolution to play at and we have come to the conclusion that playing Full HD is ideal since it is not an eSports game where having high frequency rates is necessary is not enough with any basic monitor, But do not buy a very old one and at least make sure that its response time is 1 ms and that the quality of the panel is good. In the case that you already have the computer screen, this is a less expense.

CPU, Memory and Motherboard

The second thing to choose is the processor and the motherboard, our choice is the Intel Core i5-11400FFor less than 200 euros you have a CPU that will give you more performance per euro spent than any other and with its 6 cores at 2.6 GHz it is more than enough. By the way, take advantage to get 16GB DDR4-3200 memory, it is mandatory to do it in two 8GB modules each to take advantage of the dual memory access channel. Nor can we forget the motherboard, for this we have chosen the GIGABYTE B560M Aorus Pro.

Graphics Card and Storage

The next step is storage, the motherboard we have chosen has an M.2 PCI Express 4.0 connector to connect our NVMe SSD, it is not that Farming Simulator 2022 requires it and although we have faster drives we have opted for a Western Digital Black SN750 1TB as a storage unit.

We cannot forget a component that is the graphics card, our recommendation is that you immediately discard any model with less than 4 GB of VRAM and since Farming Simulator 22 recommends 6 GB of VRAM we are going to opt for one NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 SUPER. And yes, we know that there are more powerful graphics cards that are a better option, but we have selected the Zotac Gaming model with this GPU for the fact that it moves the game to Constant 60 FPS to Full HD on ultra quality.

Box and power supply

The last two elements that remain is the power supply, on the one hand, for this we have chosen a Nfortec Scutum X 80 PLUS Bronze certified and 850W of power as PSU. To finish our choice regarding the box it is also from the same brand as the source, the model ARGB Charioteer to be more exact.

This is all, we hope that this PC that we have recommended to you, not only helps you to enjoy this game, but also many others from the extensive catalog that exist for computers.

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