With this extension, Chrome downloads will go through VirusTotal

As a general rule when we prepare to download certain content from the internet, we use our favorite web browser, such as Chrome, and its function dedicated to it. But at the same time here we must take certain precautions to avoid the arrival of malicious content to our computer.

It is more than likely that many of you have already seen first-hand the dangers that lie in wait for us from the internet. These can take many forms that try to trick us into infecting our computers and their corresponding data. But at the same time we have a series of software solutions that try to protect us as much as possible. This is the case that concerns us now and that we will talk about because it will surely be interesting for you.

One of the most popular online security services is the one offered by VirusTotal. This allows us to upload those contents that are suspicious to us to analyze them with a multitude of antivirus engines. But now we are going to talk about a useful extension that we can install in google chrome to benefit from these security measures. In fact, we are referring to a browser extension provided by the service itself. VirusTotal.

It is d VT4Browsers, a complement that we can add to the Google browser so that the downloads we make are automatically sent for verification. Thus, users can later click on a link that provides the extension to open the results. These correspond, as you might imagine, to the analysis on the VirusTotal website.

It is worth mentioning that the aforementioned VT4Browsers extension takes care of send by itself all the downloads we make in Chrome.

Protect your downloads in Chrome with VT4Browsers

With everything and with it from the configuration of this we have the possibility of personalizing and changing this behavior so that it adapts to our needs.


In fact, this addition that we make to the Chrome browser offers us various settings very useful for that protect our downloads here. This allows us to establish that all downloads we make from this Google program are sent. At the same time we can tell the extension to make an exception for certain office documents. This section includes types of files as common as PDF or the DOCX that in this case would not be sent automatically.

VT4Browsers chrome

We can also configure a notice in the form of a message that makes it clear that the download has been sent to VirusTotal. In this way we will be informed at all times about the behavior of the extension. We can also configure the shipment of private data such as DNS to the virus protection platform. The latter is something that is activated by default and that for privacy reasons, perhaps most users want to deactivate.

Therefore, this software element that we are talking about will allow us to add a plus of security to our favorite internet browser. In addition, this is something that is especially evident in the event that sometimes we make somewhat suspicious downloads from it. In this way we make sure, through this new filter, that we are not going to download malicious content to our computer from Chrome.

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