with this function, getting rid of bloatware will only take a few seconds

A keen observer of the Android universe has discovered that Google is preparing a feature that will perhaps eradicate bloatware, these unwanted applications that can sometimes even be malware.

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On both computers and smartphones, bloatware is a real plague. This software, sometimes pre-installed by the manufacturer, sometimes downloaded, is implemented without the consent of the users. And they take up ever more valuable storage space. If they turn out to be useless at best, they can sometimes hide malware. Xiaomi, for example, is accused of spying on its Chinese users by installing surveillance software through the software overlay of its devices.

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Google is well aware of the problem, and is actively working to provide a solution. The Mountain View giant is preparing a feature that will allow finer control of installed applications. It will be available in Android 14, the stable version of which should be available at the end of 2023 and will notify you as soon as an application tries to install itself without your knowledgethat is to say in the background, which will allow you to find it easily, and to uninstall it, if necessary.

This new feature will make it easy to get rid of unwanted apps

Developers who have subscribed to the Android 14 Developer Preview program can already test this function. The “Apps installed in the background” function is hidden behind a flag, which must therefore be activated manually. XDA’s Mishaal Raman spotted the appearance of Background Install Control, a new system service, in Android’s source code several months ago.

The screen of the new Apps installed in background menu / Credit: XDA Developers

Besides the fact thatAndroid 14 will change the rules for downloading an application, or that it will allow the smartphone to be used as a webcam, it should be noted that the future OS will emphasize accessibility, battery life and security. If you have a compatible device and are feeling adventurous, you can already install a test version and try Android 14 on your smartphone.

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