With this invention, fingerprints on screens will soon be history

General Motors was reportedly granted a patent called “Self-cleaning system for screens using LEDs emitting invisible violet light”. The screens of electronic devices will soon be self-cleaning.

A smartphone with too many fingerprints / Credit: 123rf

There almost permanent presence of fingerprints on the surface of their devices is a problem that all users of electronic gadgets have in common. Even equipped with an oleophobic protective film, smartphones and tablets are fingerprint magnets. Automaker General Motors has invented a technology that should make Apple’s wiper and other cleaning wipes go down in history.

The patent discloses an automatic touch screen cleaning technology. UV boxes have proven themselves when it comes to disinfecting smartphones. That said, they require, on the one hand, a significant initial investment, and on the other hand, the mental load is always the same: you have to think about putting your device in it. I’invention of General Motors, while also taking advantage of ultraviolet rays, pushes the concept a little further: it integrates black light LEDs directly into the RGB matrix of the screen. The photocatalysis reaction takes place from inside our electronic devices and therefore makes them self-cleaning.

GM has invented a process for automatically cleaning the screen of our smartphones

In practice, the idea poses many technical problems. Add a fourth UV pixel to the red, green and blue pixels already present is not so obvious. You must cover the entire surface of the screen with a transparent layer of titanium dioxide type photocatalystthe same one that is currently used in self-cleaning solar panels sold commercially.

According to New Atlas, “When exposed to UV light, this compound of oxygen and titanium goes into a super-hydrophilic state, and creates a thin layer of water on the surface. It oxidizes this water to generate free radicals that attack bacteria and other biological organisms”. This solution will allow program automatic cleaning during the nightFor example.

Source : Auto Evolution

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